The Mullet – Concrete Driveways in Attractive House Design with Spacious Living Space


The house is the most important place for the family, therefore it is very important to choose house design you want to be as your house such as the one with concrete driveways. Modern and beautiful is the dream house. Moreover, you also want to make it yourself. Maybe you need an idea or inspirations to make it more fun. Homes with luxurious design will usually be the choice of each person. Perhaps it is also your choice.

The Mullet is two-storey house design ideas with concrete driveways with paver border located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, designed by March Studio is very attractive design with fun wood coating. Elongated wooden surround this building is an attractive option that makes you more like this building. Such a great concept is by combining modern design with natural elements. Maybe you will feel deceived by outward appearance, and you will be surprised with the interior in it.

Architecture Near Open Garage Under Room

The living room is designed is capable gives simple impression of luxury. Two gray sofas equipped with a small desk and wooden floors make this room look more luxurious. While the walls serve as a place to store the books. You can enjoy a collection of various types of books here. This room is also connected with other rooms such as the kitchen and dining room. It is designed beautifully with the best interior. Lighting of every room feels so warm; it is very good, because the warm feeling will make the comfortable living space.

Basement used as a parking lot. Everything is neat, moreover with the kitchen. The kitchen is becoming an important place for your wife to prepare your breakfast; it also provides a special place. The furnishings are modern furnished with wood and glass cabinets look so special. Meanwhile, there are luxury bedroom and bathroom. Everything is so luxurious design for comfort to the owner. Hopefully, you get a clear inspiration from this house design ideas exterior with concrete driveways colors, and you know what you can do.

Grey Sectional Sofa Also Clear Oak Flooring Also Beams Ceiling

Granite Floor Also Decor Near Fancy Pendant Lamps Over Islalso

Granite Floor Also Small Stairs That Connected To Main Floor Inside House

Glass Floor Accent On Granite Floor Also Wooden Staircase Design

Ceiling Also Granite Floor Also Grey Kitchen Islalso

Home Shown Open Floor Living Also Dining Room Design

Home Wooden Also Granite Floor Decorated Near A Screened Garden

Home Near Circle Skylight Window For Lighting Also Concrete For Flooring

Glass Tile Backsplash Also Frameless Wall Mirror

Colorful Outdoor Chairs Also Circle Table On Granite Flooring Idea

Green Lawn Also Some Pots Beside Patio Near Colorful Chair

Home Like A Hole Shown Underground Garage Near A Bicycle

Home Side Road House Near Timber Fence Also Concrete Driveway

Modern Home Near Sunken Garage Under Main House