Teak Flooring for Modern Residence Design with Simple Interior Touch


We are sure about one thing that you will be excited for seeing the amazing modern residence called House of Warp and Woof which applies teak flooring and is built in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan by Architect Show Co. The residence is a private residence with high ceilings and unique windows. Therefore, for the exterior you will find the unique house with the tall windows. This house looks more beautiful with the wood chips for the gate.

This house looks so modern with cozy texture. It is very interesting with square shape. Moreover, for the wall we can find the best appearance of the house with natural color. Going inside of the house, we are walking on the beautiful modern residence interior with teak flooring for bathrooms and soft -friendly impression. The texture and color is so sweet. Soft color of the wallpaper in family room creates very good mood. Then, the floor is made from wood. It looks very elegant and simple.

Two Floor Buildinged Near Exclusive Shuttered Detail Seen From Street Side

Driving Way Near Exclusive Gridded Fence Installed To Complete Building

Minimalist furniture also makes the room looks simpler. Watching room has only a long sofa and two sweet chairs. The glass window with simple curtain decorates the room with simple way. Moreover, the room keeps looking so nice with the bright room. It has beautiful hidden lighting. However, the wall also has the solar panels, so it adds the room with natural lighting from outside.

Many solar panels on the wall and ceiling make the room looks so bright especially at noon. In other room, the dining table is designed in simple touch also. It has wooden table and wooden chairs. Shining and dark color of the table set makes the dining room looks more exclusive. The room connected with kitchen, which is designed in simple also. The sliding door cupboard looks beautiful and makes room tidy. Never think about the other home if we have these beautiful modern residence interior designs with golden teak flooring for our homestead.

TV Room Of Hallway Located Next To Sliding Door Near Curtain

Hallway Completed Near TV Studded On Wall Near Frameless Windows

Double Heighted Near Colorful Stools Also Toys For Kids

Involving Low Height Ceiling Illuminated Aside Recessed Lamps

White Painted Hallwayed Near Double Height Ceiling Also Skylight

Vertical Frameless Windows Installed To Maximize Wall Space Inside Hallway

Dining Room Illuminated Aside Recessed Lamps Near Dark Line On Ceiling As Complement

Dining Room Also Playroom Space Near TV Also Couch Placed Inside Near To Each Other

Lightinged To Keep House Aside Night Near Chic Driving Way

Appearance Of Buildinged Near Gridded Balcony Displaying Bright Lightings


Photography by: Toshihisa Ishii