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Suishouen House / Comfy Urban Modern House in Balance Concept

Cool Clear Painting Inside Suishouen House Surrounded Assorted Green Plants Along Near Green Turfs Beside House
If you think that you are living in urban modern era, then you should have a home in the same concept. Now you will see a big residence of Suishouen House that shows you the living house in modernity. The designer of this home project is Tomoaki Uno from Japan. This home shows you how to live balance with...

Multi-Level Apartment by Peter Kostelov | Inspiring Elegant Apartment for Outstanding Taste

Gorgeous Multilevel Apartment Interior Utilizing For Living Room Along Near Kitchen Near Contrast Interior Concept Idea
Peter Kostelov was designed this amazing apartment in 2011. Located in Moscow, Russia, this elegant apartment is suitable to fulfill your outstanding taste. The entire interior architecture is dominated with wood and granite materials. It creates new concept of life. The decoration of this apartment is also strengthening the beauty of the interior design.  Read this following article for further...

Modern Home Style : The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann Exterior
The impressive modern home style performance of the makes you feel comfortable. The high inspiration design of this home cheers up your life also, because this home performance gives something different. We provide some pictures of this home. Actually, this home is called Glass Pavilion designed by Steve Hermann. There are some pictures which will show the performance of...

Wooden Wall Panels for Contemporary Lakeside Home Design

Wooden Wall and Wooden Terrace under the Wooden Pergola
RES4 had designed a perfect lakeside home in Bloomingdale, New Jersey within super contemporary concepts of wooden wall panels. The contemporary atmosphere exudes right from the exterior and the interior. This project is called as Lake Losco, and designed as a pavilion-like house with woods as the main materials. Greens are surrounding the presence of this wooden home. The...


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