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From East Bookstore by Scenic Architecture Office: Minimalist Architecture for a Totally Relaxing

Lavish Bookstore Scenic Architecture Near Timber Deck For Patio Also Tropical Plants On Small Flowerbed With Glass Panel Also Clear Concrete Wall
The minimalist architecture of From East Bookstore is a spectacular work done brilliantly by Scenic Architecture Office in 2011. Even though this wonderful bookstore is designed with striking yet minimalist style, the result is beyond fantastic. It is because of how this place is done not only to create a beautiful impression, but also to establish the connection between...

Deployed House : Home Design in Contemporary Style by Seinfeld Arquitectos

Stone Wall Also Short Stone Staircase Near White Wall
This spectacular and stylish desert home with swimming pool in Peru is a great reference for you in showing off how the style and creativity can result in striking living space no matter where it is. Designed by Seinfeld Arquitectos and completed in 2012, this contemporary home, named as Deployed House, exhibits the cool design for its exterior, defined by...

House v02: Contemporary All-White Interior Home With Wooden Bookcase

Home Maximized Among Inset Bookcase Greenery Also Bright Ventilation Idea
Designed in collaboration of Julio Villa Cortell and Viraje Arquitectura, this contemporary home with wooden bookcase in Valencia, Spain will stun you with its perception of being simple and minimalist. Entitled as House V02, this contemporary living space showcases the use of bright and clean white color extensively both for interior and exterior. Naturally bright and airy, the interior...


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