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Net Zero Energy Modern House / Amazing Sustainable Home Architecture

Outdoor Dinner Abd Barbeque Applied Clear Outdoor Table Along With Chairs
This sustainable home design by Klopf Architecture is modern and healthy with the wood flooring design. Such house design is now popular among modern people. They begin to care the surrounding environment. Some efforts are done to get friendly with healthy environment, including by having sustainable home. Such home to save energy has some different way to reach the...

Bridge House by 123DV / Mesmerizing Sustainable House with Rectangular Construction

Modern Architecture Of Bridge House Near Wide Glass Walls Along Near Clear Wall Under Flat Roof
Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Bridge House was designed by 123DV and completed in 2011. Built on the large terrain with inclined ground, the idea of sustainable house is applied in rectangular building. Stunning outlook is showcased with the building construction of glazed facade. Long rectangular building allows accommodating the spacious interior. The smart building design is shown with the...


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