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House With 2 Countryard by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Several High Glass Windows Wall
The modern home design with flat roof design is usual this time. Beside gives the simple view, the maintenance and treatments are not too difficult. With the creativity of designers and architects, the minimalist roof design can be very unique and different with other houses. Maybe the Israel residence is also looks the same; it is totally simple from...

Suishouen House / Comfy Urban Modern House in Balance Concept

Cool Clear Painting Inside Suishouen House Surrounded Assorted Green Plants Along Near Green Turfs Beside House
If you think that you are living in urban modern era, then you should have a home in the same concept. Now you will see a big residence of Suishouen House that shows you the living house in modernity. The designer of this home project is Tomoaki Uno from Japan. This home shows you how to live balance with...

Small Kitchen Design for Perfectly Looks

Amazing white small kitchen design
It always a challenge to create an awesome small kitchen design, which is why we need some foregrounds or tips in order to be able to perfectly create it. Modern design leads us into so many new design perspectives and one of those new perspectives is how people see kitchen. Modern kitchen is not only a space to cook anymore, but...

Kitchen Lighting Design in Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Lighting Design Granite Countertops Style Combined Among Futuristic Cabinet Door Style Furniture Ideas
There are many people who are trying to make their kitchen as comfortable as it can be. Not only comfortable, but the kitchen will also need to looked interesting. To increase the look of the kitchen, the amazing kitchen lighting design will be needed. The lighting can support the look of your kitchen design. Day by day, there are...

Black and White Kitchens Ideas

Industrial black and white kitchen design
If you love black and white kitchens, there are so many things that you can do to bring those two colors to your kitchen. Black and white is such a great color combination and they can bring retro sensation yet also simple taste to your kitchen. Below are several ideas of making black and white kitchens. Accent Wall Accent wall can always...

Small Kicthen Design Tips

Amazing minimalist kitchen design
Small kitchen design can be applied if you happen to have a small place to live and thus your kitchen is also small. Small kitchen does not mean uncomfortable kitchen. All you need to do is making the kitchen as neat as possible and make the kitchen as comfortable as possible in the term of furniture and kitchen appliances arrangement....

Black And White Kitchens Ideas

Contrast Between Black and White Kitchen
Black and white kitchens should be your bright idea to consider. If you tired with the idea of white color with minimalist design but too afraid to play with bright colors, black and white is recommendation you will love to get. But before we tell you more about this style and idea, let’s know the reasons why you should choose black...


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