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Lakehouse Residence / Contemporary Home with Wonderful Exterior Design

Long Blue Pool Also Granite Floor Near Wooden Wall
Lakehouse Residence - Located in Winter Haven-United States, This spacious house is supported with wide courtyard outside which is planted with green grasses. This whole building is standing in high plane and it looks like a stage. Max Strang Architecture has designed this wonderful creation and full decorated in bright white color. This house has summer sensation and modern design of...

Red Sofas with Bold Design for Modern Living Room Furniture

Minimalist living room with red sofa
You can decorate your living room with red sofas. Red color can match with some color, like white, black, yellow, cream, and many more. For your living room design, you can use that color to make it more eye catching. Red is powerful color can use for traditional design or modern design. Red color can makes your life more energetic....

Brown Sofas Living Room in Modern Home

Brown gray living room
Sometimes, floral wallpaper can be classic and chic at the same time. All you need is decorating ideas that match with your cozy living room. The advantage of brown color is you do not have to worry about looked dirty, because the color is dark already. Usually this sofa mix with cream color, if you can mix and match...

Wooden Flooring in Modern Beach House Interior Design

Space Used White Sofa Furniture Also Wooden TV Cabinet as Home Inspiration
Finally, Owen Dalton OTD Design & Development is able to finish 21562 PCH in 2010, and is located in Malibu, California. Applying Modern Beach House for main design with wooden flooring. Main materials that are used for exterior design are wooden and concrete material. Actually, wooden material is applied for outdoor terrace, while concrete material is applied for main...

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets in Snow Theme

Massive White Kitchen With Distressed Wood And Island
To build a good theme of antique white kitchen cabinets is using a snow theme. This theme means the snow white series which reflect antique white kitchen cabinets. People are well-known with this series. It is more colorful with an antique series if the snow is layered thickly. Therefore there are some tips to make antique white kitchen cabinets...

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets in Antique Series

Distressed Green Kitchen Island with Birdcage Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
To have our kitchen cabinet more different, there must be designed with distressed kitchen cabinets in antique series. These distressed kitchen cabinets are appropriate to be used in antique series in recent years. This is mostly used in the modern design. There are some ways and materials needed to make distressed kitchen cabinets in antique series. There will be some...

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors in Modern Design

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Door Design
In kitchen furniture, there are many designs of the glass kitchen cabinet doors. The design has been developed many years with a chic and modern decoration. It is decorated with a flower, an abstract, bright glass, and also a lowlight glass. These are some of the examples in modern design of glass kitchen cabinet doors. There are some examples...


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