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From East Bookstore by Scenic Architecture Office: Minimalist Architecture for a Totally Relaxing

Lavish Bookstore Scenic Architecture Near Timber Deck For Patio Also Tropical Plants On Small Flowerbed With Glass Panel Also Clear Concrete Wall
The minimalist architecture of From East Bookstore is a spectacular work done brilliantly by Scenic Architecture Office in 2011. Even though this wonderful bookstore is designed with striking yet minimalist style, the result is beyond fantastic. It is because of how this place is done not only to create a beautiful impression, but also to establish the connection between...

Home 09 by i29 interior architects

Home Exterior Applied Large Glass Panel under That Showing Interior Side From Outside
When we live in a house, home interior will be one of many aspects being our consideration especially wooden shelving for restore and display. It is how the interior give us comfort and enjoy our life on the inside. Here we have Home 09 specially created by i29 Interior Architects. The design proposed to get closer with the nature...

SU House: Eccentric Minimalist Apartment Style

Wall Color Also Flat Roof And Green Landscaping
SU House that is designed by Alexander Brenner Architects is embracing natural impression of green lawn that is surrounding this minimalist apartment which has interior furniture of brown sofa. Located in Stuttgart, Germany. Designed by applying Minimalist Style, both exterior and interior design of this minimalist apartment is so eccentric. Moreover, with natural effect that is embossed by some...


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