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The Impressing Living Room Paint Ideas

Fresh Living Room Paint
There are many ways to beautify room. The home owner can use the wallpaper as the decoration or apply the living room paint ideas. Besides, the home owner can add a beautiful clock or family photos as the wall decoration. But today, the modern design applies the decoration for the wall with painting frames which is set in random location...

Tips to Design a Formal Living Room

Living room with armless white sofa, white patterned rug, and wood floors. Photo by Emily Gilbert
Formal living room furniture is designed to complete and entertain the home owner and the guests. There are several things to design the formal living room, including identifying the point of view of the living room, setting the furniture to optimize the lights and the views, and decorate the wall. Before buying the furniture for formal living room, the home...

Design White Living Room Furniture

Small living room ideas with all white colour scheme
The living room is perfect if it is given with white living room furniture for the interior design to create a minimalist living room. The minimalist living room means that the home owner put the minimalist and small-sized furniture with white wall painting. The living room is one of the first parts of the house that most people see when visiting...

Futuristic Look with Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary living room by Heloise McKee
If home owner loves modern style, the contemporary living room furniture  is perfect for the living room design. The unique and beautiful design can increase the attractiveness of the living room. In addition, there are a lot of designs, materials and quality for many styles for contemporary design. Choosing the right paint is also important to create contemporary living room. The...

Modern and Elegant Style with Black Living Room

Black Living Room with Beautiful Pink Sofa
Black living room furniture will create an elegant and modern impression for the living room. In the present era, many people love minimalist style for the living room interior. One of the styles is contemporary styles which follow the developments of the times. However, some are still using traditional interior, or the interior of European style, classical and other styles....

How to Choose Living Room End Tables based on the Height

Awesome living room with end table
Living room end tables are considered as one of important complements in the living room especially for the sofa. Even though they are rarely used as the focal point in the room, they play important role in the living room. They are commonly used to place lamps or other displays. For those who concern the detail in this room, placing...

What to Consider when Choosing Living Room Furniture Sets

Living room with modern furniture design and pendant lights
Living room furniture sets should be decided carefully since it can affect the entire look of the room. This room is considered as one of important parts in the house since it is used to welcome the guests. Due to its functionality, living room should not only be designed appropriately but also should give maximum comfort both for the homeowners...


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