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What to Consider when Choosing Living Room Furniture Sets

Living room with modern furniture design and pendant lights
Living room furniture sets should be decided carefully since it can affect the entire look of the room. This room is considered as one of important parts in the house since it is used to welcome the guests. Due to its functionality, living room should not only be designed appropriately but also should give maximum comfort both for the homeowners...

Choose Area Rugs for Living Room

Simple grey living room area rugs design
Area rugs for living room maybe become a must have item for many living rooms because area rug will bring specific effect to the living room. There is no question that living room becomes one of the most important parts of the house especially because it will be used for gathering space with the family member and guest. Area rug...

Best Modern Living Room Sets

Modern living room design ideas
Modern living room sets actually have different characteristics compared with other style of guest room sets. The modern style commonly will emphasize on the simple design which is suitable with the lifestyle of modern people these days. The modern style also promotes less clutter which provides easier maintenance for homeowners. Besides, modern style offer sophisticated look since the pieces come...

Elegant Living Room Decorating Ideas

Elegant living room ideas with modern coffee table
Living room decorating ideas must be one of the most challenging thing which should be done by every home owner. They cannot just apply any kind of furniture in the living room because they need to consider about the comfort, beauty, and pride in the living room. The living room will not only be used as gathering space for the...


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