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How to Choose the Best Decorative Rugs for Living Room

Decorative rugs for living room-7
How to choose decorative rugs for living room? Choosing a rug for the living room may not be a simple thing to do. There are so many considerations so that the final choice really meets the living room design and condition well. Moreover, if you prefer the decorative one, you must pay attention to some matters. Sometimes, decorative rugs...

Purple Decoration Tips and Tricks for Your Living Room

Implementing purple decoration in your house should give a very fascinating effect inside. If you are a purple lover, then you must try these ideas given below. Lots of colors are matching to be combined with purple. What are they and how to deal with them all? Here we go to check it out. White as the neutral color can...

Magnificent Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Living Room Design

Rustic wood fireplace mantel with antlers
Fireplace Mantel Ideas becomes so varied nowadays. Designed in contemporary living room, the rustic fireplace makes the interior becomes so eclectic. Whether the interior is painted in white color and the interior decoration is so rustic, the living room is totally magnificent. White interior wall perfectly contrasts the rustic fireplace mantel that is made from rustic stone.  In addition, chesterfield...

Sunny Side House | Wallflower Architecture + Design Smooth Contemporary House Design Concept by

Grey Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Material
In this article, we will talk about a very nice contemporary house design with wooden shutter windows that were created in Serangoon, Singapore. The creator who was named Wallflower Architecture + Design called this project as the Sunny Side House. Contemporary air goes everywhere. Geometric shape of the building is combined with lots of transparent windows application. Modern city...


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