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San Juan Cliffside: Concrete Wood Home Neighbored by Spectacular Nature

Amusing House Plan Near Interior Light With Small Flowerbed Also Floating House Design Along With Outdoor Stainless Fence With Small Balcony
Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects is architectural studio responsible for this contemporary concrete wood home. Built in 2010 and located on San Juan Island on one of its ridges, for precise this contemporary home thus celebrates the stunning coastal view with lush greeneries neighboring it. Such an amazing place with great atmosphere to create a totally comfortable place...

Water Patio House – Captivating Waterfront Home Idea in Family Residence

Green Garden Filled Near Grass Also Alternative Plants
A waterfront house can give an access for the owner to get the natural landscape so it is very suitable for person who needs a peaceful and comfortable place to live in. Designed by Drozdov & Partners, the Water Patio House get the natural scenery from the sea. This contemporary home is located in Odessa, Ukraine which is constructed...

Our House / Lavish Contemporary Home by DAR612

Beautiful Contemporary Gardening Plan Outside Our House Near Green Lawn Along With Leafy Tree Applied Raised Bed Gardening Idea
The exceptional design employed by this contemporary home would surely take your breath away. The design does not really have an L-shaped design. It employs a unique rhombus design one one part of the house. The house designed by DAR612 tries to present different kind of homey attraction on its front side with the exceptional curve. This Our House...


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