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Promenade Residence: Duplex Resort with Minimalist Design for Exterior

Awesome Building Facade Of Aside Evening1 Residence Displaying a Grassy Spot Decorated Near Architectural Plants With Outdoor Lights
The Promenade Residence that is designed in Duplex Resort really has the most enchanting exterior since it is designed in minimalist style. With outdoor pool designed with outdoor patio, the exterior design really looks so magnificent. In addition, the resort is built in floor plan installation so that the glass panel is perfectly installed for main wall veneer. The granite...

Cosgriff House: Exterior of Duplex House with Small Backyard

Christopher Polly Architect_Cosgriff House
For an urban residence with minimalist design, Exterior of Duplex House can be applied as the perfect house plan. Since the urban residence is always built in small area, glass panel is the perfect material for the exterior design. With small backyard, the patio can be decorated with minimalist furniture. Hence, the minimalist design is the perfect design for...

House N by Maxwan: House in Holland with Duplex Floor Plan

Hilarious Contemporary Residence House Near Two Story House Plan Also Glass Panel For Both Floors With Tall Chimney Top Also Sloping Rooftop Design
Maxwan is very popular among urban people because his greatest design for House in Holland called House N is finally being restored. By applying duplex floor plan, the house looks more adorable with arch rooftop design. However, for the wings side, the rooftop is designed in flat design with white color dominates the exterior wall. Since the rooftop is designed...

St Leon 10 : Enthralling Sea House with the Breathtaking View of Clifton Beaches

Sensational Panoramic View Near St Leon Residence Near Wide Terraces Along Near Long Infinity Pool Facing Wide Sea
To design the sea house we have to make the plan and preparation. This kind of house is the building with wonderful view. We can create many designs to enjoy the surrounding view. The design should also support the land contour so that it will stand strong. SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects and Antoni Associates designed the...

The Pierre : Wonderful Rock House Design with Classic Interior

Wide Glass Walls Inside Pierre House Exterior Near Concrete Wall Along Near Dark Roof Near Giant Stones
Designed by Olson Kundig and completed in 2010, astonishing outlook of this rock house design surely impresses us. The striking rock building is perfectly designed in gutsy outlook. Placed in San Juan Island, San Juan Islands, United States within the natural rocks, this house looks like synchronizing with the surrounding environment. Open space is applied to strengthen the natural connection. Interior...

Maison Cambolin / Chic Rustic Home with Strong Wood Tones by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Classic Wooden Wall Along Near Timber Framed Glass Windows Inside Maison Cambolin House Exterior Near Stone Arrangements
The traditional rustic home that is built with wooden material surely impresses every eye that sees it. Maison Cambolin was designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte and completed in 2009. Located in the historic village of Albinen, Switzerland. Constructed in simple and old style, the old woods are used for creating the facade and also the windows. Placed on the inclined ground,...

House VMVK / Contemporary Home Design with Glass Shower Doors for Trapezoid Wall

Shaped Among Glass Sliding Door under Modern Touch
dmvA designed an exquisite house called House VMVK which has glass shower doors by applying Trapezoid Wall for main exterior wall design. This exterior wall is indeed made from concrete material so that it is looked so exquisite by dome rooftop plan of this house. Built in countryside area, this house is also very natural since pinewoods are surrounding...


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