Suishouen House / Comfy Urban Modern House in Balance Concept


If you think that you are living in urban modern era, then you should have a home in the same concept. Now you will see a big residence of Suishouen House that shows you the living house in modernity. The designer of this home project is Tomoaki Uno from Japan. This home shows you how to live balance with nature and urban lifestyle. You will love to explore everything inside the house and maybe you can follow the idea for your dream house.

This home looks like semi-open air house with wrapped porch in every level of the house. The real appearance of the house is standing for urban modern design that makes you want to know more than just the exterior side. The exterior appearance looks impressive in modern style and white wall paints. Look around and you will find white iron railings around the modern porch. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the house looks bright in the day and the homeowner can see the view outside clearly.

Airy Space Inside Second Floor Of Suishouen House Completed Near Clear Iron Railing Surrounding It Along Near Marble Tiled Floor

Amazing Clear Wooden Glass Windows On Clear Painted Wall Near Clear Iron Railing Installed Inside Suishouen House

Cool Clear Painting Inside Suishouen House Surrounded Assorted Green Plants Along Near Green Turfs Beside House

Fascinating Empty Space Inside Suishouen House Beautified Near Clear Iron Railing Along Near Assorted Green Christmast Trees Around It

Refreshing Small Plants On Pots Installed Inside Corner Of Living Room Suishouen House Near Clear Wooden Glass Windows

When you go to the next picture, then you can see modern minimalist interior design. The wooden wall at the living room becomes the magnet attention for you to see. Natural material featuring concrete and glass materials are the best combination that you can find in this house. After the living room, you will find minimalist dining area with modern wooden table and stylish modern chairs.

Classic Wooden Striped Patterned Living Desk Near Clear Tufted Sofa On Clear Carpet Installed Inside Suishouen House

Astonishing Wooden Wall On Wooden Floor Near Clear Wooden Glass Windows Installed Inside Suishouen House

Go to the kitchen and you will love to see modern kitchen design. It has leveling kitchen cabinetry that made from wooden material. Another room that you should see is the closet room. It has unique closet with vanity mirror and custom ceramic sink. You also will see rattan sliding racks and modern rattan chair. If you want to live in peace, then you can follow the idea of urban modern home design just like what you see now.

Modern Stuff On Wooden Iron Island Inside Kitchen Installed Inside Suishouen House Near Iron Faucet On It

Fress Shipping Wooden Vanity Involved Iron Faucet Along Near Clear Counter Top Near Decorative Single Chair Installed Inside Suishouen House

Simple Square Shaped Clear Bathroom Near Decorative Plants On It Inside Bathroom Installed Inside Suishouen House

Captivating Gold Atmosphere Inside Suishouen House Beautified Near Wooden Striped Floor Along Near Wooden Tiled Wall Inside It

Wonderful Light Dark Blue Ocean Skies Views Seen From Suishouen House Near Nature Atmopshere Along Near Dark Lighting Lamp

Beautiful Views Seen From Surrounding Suishouen House Beautified Near Assorted Green Trees Along Near Blue Skies Atmosphere


Photography : courtesy of Tomoaki Uno Architects