Stunning Rustic Cottage Interior Design


A unique interior design with white wood beams is displayed by this cottage interior that implement rustic character in it. The uniqueness of this cottage lies on its utilization of bright interior design to exhibit the rustic view of its design. The bright interior is generated by due to the implementation of ample windows that surround this cottage with a lot of light openings. A shiny appearance is hardly found inside this cottage, since almost all of its furniture and interior decorations represent the rustic characteristic. The combination of the bright room and the rustic view makes this cottage has its own unique approach in providing comfortable living space.

To let the natural light form the ample windows spread over the room, an open plan interior design is incorporated. The openness of its interior makes you feel unhampered view inside this cottage interior design. An undisturbed flow of movement is also generated in this unique cottage. Marble tiles flooring that is implemented in the whole rooms adorns the interior with is peach color. However if we look up to the ceiling, we can see the white wooden ceiling are supported by some white wood beams and white wooden column.

Interior Living Room Near Wooden Table Along With Stool Placed On Rug

To serve you with utmost comfort, this cottage is incorporated with modern furniture that mostly comes in white color. White sofa exemplifies that character by giving its comfortable sitting spot in the living area. In front of it, a wooden coffee table has its rustic pattern covered in smooth varnish. This area is delineated by the presence of a rustic carpet with its light brown color.

Room Involving Distressed Table Along With Skirted Sofa As Well As Chairs

Room Designed Near Wooden Flooring Along With Exposed Beams On Ceiling

Room Near Wooden Chairs Along With Table Illuminated Aside Black Pendants

A robust rustic appearance can be seen on the bedroom with its raw wooden ceiling. Some timber beams also adorn this room with their strong rustic feature. The rusticity of this bedroom is enhanced by the utilization of stone walls presenting its subtle rough texture among the white plaster. The cottage interior design ideas with the white wood beams in this room bring the rusticity to its max level but still can serve you with its coziness.

Bedroom Inside Attic Space Near Carpet On Floor Displaying Bedding

Bedroom For Kids Illuminated Aside Wide Skylights Installed On Ceiling

Rustic cottage home interior - Bedroom Decoration

Rustic cottage home interior - Sitting Area

Cover To Warm Up Rusctic Cottage Interior Living Room Near Shelves

Console Table To Beautify Rusctic Cottage Interior Hall Along With Foyer

Room Near Clear Distressed Table Along With Wooden Chairs As Well As Bench

Room Near Round Table Along With Chairs Covered Aside Cushions For Comfort

Sheet Covering Round Table Near Chairs Inside Rusctic Cottage Interior

Rustic cottage home interior

Rusctic Cottage Interior Bathroom Covered Aside Red Yellow Shower Curtain

 Rustic cottage home interior - Dining Area

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