Stone Walls for Apartment Renovation with Outdoor Patio Design


Apartment, Place de la Madeleine that is renovated by Ateliers Michael Herrman is indeed the most astonishing apartment renovation with stone walls in French. This 18th century building is very authentic since almost all interior and exterior wall of which is designed by rustic limestone and granite material. Considering this classy design, outdoor patio is built in the backyard by keeping all authentic exterior design of this 18th building.

Now, let’s take a look at some astonishing pictures of this 18th century building that is renovated for its interior and exterior design. For Apartment Interior Renovation which you could design it with stone walls DIY, indeed, all rustic limestone is still used as main interior wall, Along with some glass wall ornaments of this 18th century building, interior design of this apartment is so astonishing. Moreover, transparent panels are installed as main interior ceiling plan of this apartment. Glass panels are also installed at the main exterior wall for some compartments at the rear part of this apartment. Hence, authentic design of outdoor patio can be seen through this glass panels.

Area Decorated Among Glass Flooring Also White Rocking Chair Furniture under Modern Style

Decorated Among Minimalist Modern Decoration as Home Inspiration To Your House

Decor Used White Minimalist Modern Chair Furniture as Inspiration

Furniture Also Skylight as Home Inspiration

Wall Decoration Used Modern Minimalist Dining Also Living Furniture

Space Decorated Among Skylight Also Stone Wall Decoration as Home Inspiration To Your House

Floor as Home Inspiration To Your House

Considering this apartment is renovated by keeping authentic design of this apartment, colorful concrete blocks are applied as main both interior and exterior floor. Thus, this floor plan of this apartment is really astonishing compared to other renovated 18th century building. Moreover, glass furniture that is applied as main interior decoration is really suitable to be applied along with rustic design of limestone wall. Some rustic oak wood bars that are applied as additional interior pillars of this apartment are also matching to white color of limestone interior wall.

Decorated Among White Fireplace Also Grey Sofa Furniture as Home Inspiration To Your House

Decorated Among Grey Sofa Furniture Also Glass Coffee Table

Decorated Among White Bookshelf Furniture under Minimalist Style Also Traditional Touch

Decor Also Artistic Fence as Staircase Home Inspiration To Your House

Decoration Used Glass Wall as Inspiration

Small Chair Furniture under White Color Also Glass Table Top as Home Inspiration

Indeed, green concept that is applied as main exterior design of outdoor patio at the backyard is really compatible to authentic design of interior design of this apartment. Colorful concept for floor plan on both exterior and interior design is also incredible. Hence, for such renovated apartment of 18th century building, this apartment is so astonishing since authentic design which is the stone walls for homes is applied for apartment renovation ideas.

Furniture Also Green Plant Decoration as Inspiration

Plant Decoration Also Traditional Outdoor Chandelier

Decoration under Minimalist Style Also Green Plant as Home Inspiration To Your Home

Skylight Used Green Plant Decoration as Home Inspiration To Your House


Photography by: Filippo Bamberghi