Split House / Sliding Glass Doors with Delightful Design for Efficient Home Entrance


In some real estate with sliding glass doors usually split house created because it was the elongated building from the first building. This house in Jakarta has the same concept but it has unique difference and it is not visible and the divider between two buildings. TWS & Partners has designed it in Indonesia and this house look different than other house around.

Split House Near Clear Wall Also Wide Glass Walls Inside Roadside

It has box and square shaped construction with flat roof above, sliding glass doors for bathrooms and so it is no need roof-tile like another Indonesian house. The north house is bigger and higher than the south house. Also for the split house design exterior it uses clear white color and steel folding garage door. The yard is covered in concrete mosaic tile and then it has white steel gate with grids motif on it. The glass walls on the first and second floor are facing the rising sun and that will be healthy. This modern design is suitable with the white color paint so this house looks grand and large.

Split House Near Simple Balcony Also Clear Floor Near Clear Cabinets

Brown Floor Also Clear Ceiling Near Green Plantations

The sloping roof is dividing the buildings and it is decorated with glass roofs so it will give the bright and light room in the morning. This house looks more spacious because the glass walls and sliding doors are saving more places and make as if the house has no block. This house has many rooms and separate in three levels; ground floor, first floor and second floor. There is a roof garden in the first floor and it has a long tree which is pierced out its branch and leaves. The split is not only on the building parts, but also for the design and decoration. This house has some different decoration especially for color in every room. It has a brown corridor which has hidden study and work room. The walls can be folded out and then the tables and chairs are shown to work.

Not only usual and common design, a house should have an attractive decoration. To make the owner feel comfort and enjoy it is important to creates different and contrast house. The uniqueness of this split design house plans which apply sliding glass doors blinds locates on the arrangement and placement so it looks spacious and wide.

White Ottoman Inside Split House Living Room

Grey Staircase Also Glass Doors Near It

Glass Walls Also Wooden Desk On Clear Floor

Glass Table Also Wooden Stools Under Clear Iron Pergola

Long Vanity Also Clear Sink Near Open Shower Space

Wooden Wall Also Wooden Ceiling Over Clear Tile Floor

Wooden Desks Also Black Working Chairs Inside Split House Near Wooden Ceiling