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Shower Corner Shelf for Shower Units with Amazing Design Inspiration

Floating Shower Corner Shelf
What do you think about one piece shower units with shower corner shelf? For those who has minimalist styled house, they must be familiar with this amenity. These days, such amenity has been associated as the symbol of minimalist design concept for its compactness and practicality. Moreover, the modern design is perfectly matched with minimalist concept which emphasize on...

How to make Shower Doors Sparkle

Framless Shower Door
Your bathroom consists of several parts that have their own function. One of the parts of your bathroom is shower door. Shower door is made of various choices of material. The most common material that is used for shower door is glass. Since the shower door might be wet frequently, the shower door can become dull eventually. If you...

Top 2 Baby Table Shower Ideas

Table Shower with Tea-Tin Vases
Table shower ideas should be prepared for you who want to hold baby shower party. As we know, this party is really important in order to announce your new baby’s name or sex. There will be friends and families you can invite. That’s why you need to also prepare it as well. One of the important aspects of baby shower is...

Modern Bathroom Shower Designs

Open Walk In Bathroom Shower Design
Are you dreaming of a spa-like space for your bathroom shower design? A shower as a part of interior in bathroom designs has various trends that can create sensation of taking a bath in a five star hotel. To create a luxury bathroom shower you don’t always need wide spaces since you can make your small spaces to look bigger...


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