Shino / Modern & Minimalist Home Design by Kimura Matsumoto


First time you see the modern & minimalist home design by Kimura Matsumoto applying wooden stool in the interior, you will hardly recognize it as a real house. Completed in 2012. The building is like a warehouse but its architecture is really chic. Unlike several houses, it has no terrace and cantilevers at the front side. Located in Wakayama, Japan, the farmland and rice paddies surround the house. It creates this installation flashy. From its simplicity, the Shino house is very comfortable for us.

Living near the farmland doesn’t mean the house always looked clumsy. Matsumoto has proved that this modern house design is also fashionable by applying wooden stool cheap plan. Even though it is shaped in a rectangular form, the design makes it stylish with excellent interior. For the exterior, glass windows and sliding door play important role to fresh the view. This house doesn’t need much lighting because the natural light easily enters into the living space. The architect uses wooden wall for some parts combined to the glass wall. It is aimed to keep the temperature well. In the summer, the room won’t be too hot; while the winter doesn’t kill us because of the cold. The exterior design makes the house gorgeous.

Floor To Ceiling Glass Window Among Flat Roofing Also Little Plank Wall

Plank Wall Also Glass Window As Ventilation

Plank Wall Also Clean Glass Window Surrounded By Gravels

Getting inside to the house, no more bulkheads to separate each other room; it has no big furniture purposed not to have spacious place. However, the dividers made of wood are available for particular place such as between the bedroom and the living room. The most interesting thing is the interior design utilizes white curtain covering the room as well. Actually this cloth can be used to prevent much light coming in and get us dazzled. It is not attached right on the glass wall, but it is placed with a distance. We can see on how the kid’s room looks like, the corridor and the bedroom are separated by the sliding curtain. As a result, whether the house looks transparent, it won’t irritate our indoor activities to be exposed.

One Single Bed Also Mounted Wall TV On The Bottom from AC

Room Divider Lightened Well Due To Skylight Window Above

Glass Panel Also White Curtain Covering Way

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Bathroom Decoration

It is modern farmhouse in sophisticated design actually. Of course open layout plan fulfills the center place. The living room is just continued to the dining room. While we have family gathering here, we are pampered by the beautiful view outside the house. Moreover, the plants add the room decoration fresh and cool. Children will love it so much because they can play cradle hanged on the ceiling outside the house. With this modern house design concept which uses wooden stool designs, our home will be livelier.

Wood Table Floor To Ceiling Glass Window Also Door

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Kitchen Area

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Kitchen Area 2

Floorings Use Concrete Also Decorated Among Woods

White Oak Top Table Also Some Book Lightened From Outside

Wooden Rocking Chair Also Wooden Bunk Bed

Beside Plank Wall Also Glass Panel Among View from Living Room

Glass Door Also Floor To Ceiling Window Seems Like A Wall

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Exterior Design

Swinger Near Corner Window Make Your Childern Happier

Night From Outside Among Bright Lighting Inside Seen From Outside

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Exterior Design 2

Shino House by Kimura Matsumoto - Exterior Design 3


Photography by : Yuko Tada