San Juan Cliffside: Concrete Wood Home Neighbored by Spectacular Nature


Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects is architectural studio responsible for this contemporary concrete wood home. Built in 2010 and located on San Juan Island on one of its ridges, for precise this contemporary home thus celebrates the stunning coastal view with lush greeneries neighboring it. Such an amazing place with great atmosphere to create a totally comfortable place to live in, isn’t it?

The volumetric architectural design of this home is beautifully wrapped by wood and concrete element. Yet, we find the way this concrete wood home design allows the straight and sharp lines displayed brilliantly to form the overall exterior look are simply cool. This home even has a cantilevered part which make the exterior appears even more striking. You can even find glass element to accent, which may help this home to look simply beautiful as the evening comes.

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This two-leveled contemporary residence displays a home facade design that meets not only the wood and concrete elements. There, you can find the beautiful outdoor walkway to lead you to its entry porch. Sporting the natural element for its pathway stones, the fascinating look is also delivered by the careful landscape design which includes the moss and greeneries to line the stones. The lush greeneries with local plants also become essential part of this home exterior and landscape design. Mixed beautifully with the warm wooden exterior, the look is simply inviting, right?

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San Juan Cliffside - Concrete Wood Home Neighbored by Spectacular Nature

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You simply will adore how this contemporary home is built without destroying the natural landscape. You have seen how the local plants may provide the natural-like home garden, which allows this home to blend easily with its surroundings. How about the view from inside?

Let’s enter this home to greet this airy and warm room with large glass windows. Here, it is undoubtedly easy for you to celebrate the connection with nature. See how the unleveled, rocky garden which is carefully trimmed to blend with the natural landscape of this ridge surely may provide different living experience. Well, needless to say, this home is one of the concrete wood house designs to inspire you, right?

San Juan Cliffside - Concrete Wood Home Neighbored by Spectacular Nature - Interior 1

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