Sam’s Creek by Bates Masi Architects / Exquisite Wood Exterior with the Combination of Glass and Black Frame


To construct house with wood exterior is interesting because we can play and combine various designs there. The design can come from many kinds of wood materials. Bates Masi Architects created the Sam’s Creek in 2011. This house project was done in Bridgehampton, New York, United States. It has design of the contemporary concept.

The house surrounding is unique because it is filled with bushes and green grass. Front terrace of the house is designed using the grey ceramic materials. We have to see the wood exterior wall too because it is made with amazing design! It is arranged with wood with different brown colors that create the natural wood stripes. This cladding is applied for mostly of the house exterior wall and interior too. Besides that, glass windows in black frame make the design perfect and stylish.

Awesome Green Grass Yard Behind Sams Creek Residence Near Stone Benches Along Near Open Barbeque Counter Near It

Amazing Exterior Architecture Of Sams Creek Residence Near Wide Glass Walls Along Near Wooden Wall Near Grass Yard

At the other side of the house, there is outdoor swimming pool among the ceramic tiles. This pool is also located near the green grass. Interior of the house uses the same design as its exterior concept. Kitchen is decorated in long wooden bar and marble wall. There are some black chairs to complete the kitchen bar. U-shaped sofa with hanging lamp and flower vase decoration is placed there too if you don’t want to eat on the bar.

Simple Back Space Of Sams Creek Residence Near Blue Pool Along Near Wooden Pool House On Concrete Floor

Small Pool House Near Blue Pool Outside Sams Creek Residence Near Concrete Floor Along Near Wide Glass Walls

Fabulous Details Inside Sams Creek Residence Kitchen Near Wooden Drawers Along Near Cozy Breakfast Space

Cozy Breakfast Space Near Sams Creek Residence Kitchen Near Wooden Bay Seats Window Along Near Glossy Table

Ceiling, wall, and floor of the dining room are constructed in the same wood feature. Same as the dining room, bedroom has this decoration too. Whereas, the living room has grey sofa with white patterned ceramic tiles. Bathroom is designed using the glass slab and patterned ceramic wall. There is also small bathtub where you can drown yourself there. Good lamps installation makes the house shining in the dark. This house with exterior wood wall decor also has spacious outdoor terrace where we can enjoy the good weather there.

Fascinating Dining Room Inside Sams Creek Residence Near Glass Chairs Along Near Glass Benches Near Long Table

Modern Kitchen Inside Sams Creek Residence Near Long Wooden Island Along Near Wooden Stools Near Clear Cabinets

Wide Wooden Bed Along Near Clear Mattress Inside Sams Creek Residence Bedroom Near Two Wooden Nightstands

Long Open Fireplace Inside Sams Creek Residence Near Living Room Along Near Dining Room On Hardwood Floor

Comfortable Living Room Inside Sams Creek Residence Near Grey Chaises Along Near Wooden Cabinets Under Wooden Ceiling

Interesting Bathroom Inside Sams Creek Residence Near Clear Tub Along Near Glass Shower Space On Hardwood Floor

Unusual Details On Sams Creek Residence Wall Under Wooden Ceiling Over Hardwod Floor

Minimalist Entrance Of Sams Creek Residence Near Wide Glass Door Along Near Glass Walls Under Flat Roof

Sams Creek by Bates Masi Architects - Site Plan

Brilliant Ground Level Design Plan Of Sams Creek Residence Near Entry Space Along Near Cozy Living Room

Fantastic Sams Creek Residence Upper Level Design Plan Near Kids Bedroom Along Near Guest Bedroom Inside It


Photography : Courtesy of Bates Masi Architects