Sag Harbor House / Contemporary Residence Design by Jendretzki


The contemporary residence with pergola designs is always surprising touched by sophisticated design. This time we will show such building that surely makes you amazed. Located in Sag Harbor, New York, USA, the residence gives much luxurious thing with woods as the main parts. This renovation project is just excellent using sustainable materials for the exterior. Completed in 2009. The Sag Harbor House by Jendretzki, succeeded to attract everyone with such beauty.

What do you think when you see wooden house with pergola designs shade? Yes, it looks old and vintage. But even so, the house contains high value in its sophistication. Similar thing happens in this contemporary residence design. Made of the best quality of teak woods, the building is gorgeous. It gives us impression of strong and sturdy. The row patterns on the surface bring natural performance. The architects let it pure; no more paints to make it artificial like. Moreover, the exterior is added by beautiful lighting fixtures. They are available in each side of the wall. When the night comes, the lightings have impressive effect in brightening the house.

Porch Applied Wood Pillars Also Wood Floor Among Dried Leaves

Plank Wall Also Outdoor Wall Lamp Near Entry Door

Classic Adhered Near Wood Pillars Lightened Porch

Paying attention to the windows, you will see the uniqueness from round shaped window. It has different style from others in rectangular forms. However, that is not the one that creates stunning look. When entering the upper floor, a ball pendant lamp is awesome, right above the dining table. You’re eating time will be more interesting in this place. Perhaps, it is called as the power of the lighting that able to influence your appetite. The room is cozy with the yellow fluorescent light.

Being contemporary, the interior design has collaborated bricks, stones, as well as woods for the wall. White painted brick wall has matching color with natural brown from the other materials. The rustic surface of brick walls expresses traditional living. The fireplace is built in it to emphasize the characteristic. This modern residence design which applies pergola design plans is a splendid building influenced by rustic contemporary style.

Home Beside Staircase under That Connecting Each Floor from This House

Sag Harbor House - Dining Area 2

Oval Wooden Dining Table Also Chairs On The Bottom from Pendant

Sag Harbor House - Dining Area

Sag Harbor House - Exterior Design

Photography : Courtesy of Jendretzki