Residencia Conde de Itu / Contemporary and Healthy House Decorating Ideas


Home is the best place to express creativity, such as this contemporary house which is decorated with indoor plant in Sao Paulo. Residencia Conde de Itu was completed in 2010, this house is not really wide and large in size but has wide decoration. It can be seen on the interior room which is divided in some concepts and themes. Because of the vary concepts it looks maximal and optimal so people will though that it has wide area inside. The arrangement will determine the appearance and size, so this design arranged the furniture in separate slot.

Sofa Inside Living Room Near Low Table

Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos Designer has unique concept of indoor plant pots when creating this dwell and it has many themes inside. The vary motif and tones in contemporary house design make the available area looks wide and fun so it will not be bored to show it frequently. The color combination in one slot is brave and bold although it they are not the gradation or derivative color. The living room has dark grey wall and applied white rug to adjust the wall color. There is an entertainment room and fill with tape and sophisticated music player which are placed in wooden cabinet. The wall color is the same with the living room wall and then it uses wooden floors.

The entertainment room is beside with the family room and it has unique views look like a wallpaper. The motif is wild and leafy forest and then in front of it there is a rounded table set. The white rounded table is surrounded by four light orange color turning chairs. It uses the same rug with the living room; white rug color. Still on the same room, there are two wall decorations in colorful motif and black marble desk below it. And then the kitchen, it has unique and fun decoration. The wallpaper motif is red and blue flower with black bird on it in tailed pattern. The wooden cabinet and bar is adjusting the plain black dining set.

Various and different decoration can show uniqueness and fun appearance. In small area and limited area it can be helpful to make wider effect. The vary motif of indoor plant ideas make this contemporary house design plan looks wide and appealing.

Brown Sectional Sofa Inside Residencia Conde De Itu Living Room

Long Wooden Shelves Also Clear Chaise

White Table Also Some Yellow Chairs

Wall Inside Home Near Long Black Cabinet

Table Inside Dining Room Near Yellow Chairs

Small Nightstalsos Also Wide Bed Near Brown Wall

Home Office Space Near Clear Desk

Breakfast Space Near Dark Table Also Black Chairs

Bathroom Near Clear Sink Also Long Wooden Vanity