Punta brava 2 Residence / Stylish Spanish Home Interior by DNA Barcelona Architects


Imagine a comfortable home like this Spanish home that install pendant lamp and provide beautiful scenery and tranquil feel are fun and interesting. Comfortable atmosphere is much needed by the homeowner because it is the main entertainment every day and every time. Pleasant and quiet that comes from the natural environment is different from the artificial environment. That’s make people easy to spend their money to owned comfort house building and cozy atmosphere environment.

It is not much surprising that Punta Brava 2 Residence has those aspects that almost people want to have on their home especially the brightness of the pendant lamp design. It is believe that Spain has amazing and wonderful aura and panorama in every place. Although it uses simple color exterior; pale white and dark brown paint, it looks stylish and fresh. The fresh looks are providing from other facilities it has, green views around and the pool. Green area hill and water are perfectly washed the modern and stark shaped building. The flat Spanish home design is completely amused the owner with two tones exterior painting. Spoiling the homeowner with folding seats and outdoor swimming pool are very fun and vacant. Completed in 2010, DNA Barcelona Architects has flawlessly created fascinate atmosphere from every facility it has.

Punta Brava 2 Residence - Stylish Spanish Home Interior

Punta Brava 2 Residence - Swiming Pool Also Lounges Among White Sofas

The dark brown woods are covering the dark side painting building and then on the rooftop it is available spacious are with no roof. It is enjoyable to see the scenery and wavy water on the swimming pool. The big glass windows are showing the indoor activities and so does the outdoor activities from the inside. The glass sliding door usage makes the room more spacious so they just slide left and right without pushing and pulling. The limestone wall blocks are protecting the house from the outsider and other strange things. The interior uses almost sophisticated appliances and decoration. The clear white colors are underlying the whole room inside.

Living Room with Minimalist White Table Also Planter And Modern Blue Sofa Completed Home Interior

Living Area with Amazing Blue Longue Chair Also Carpet Decor At Punta Brava 2 Residence

Grey Color under Kitchen Area At Punta Brava 2 Residence

Black Kitchen Decoration under That All from Objects Completed Area

Beside Chairs under Taupe At Punta Brava 2 Residence

Bathroom Feat Faucet At Punta Brava 2 Residencee Also White Chair Finished Decor

White Pillows At Home Also Pool Add Fresh Area

Punta Brava 2 Residence - Glass Windows Feat Tupe from Color

Punta Brava 2 Residence - Exterior Design That Giving Fresh Atmosphere under Area

Beautiful house design and decoration sometimes make people worrying about the safety and protection. But the limestone wall block above will give a reference to helps those who want to make their house safer. Overall the Spanish home design ideas with pendant lamp shade are showing perfection in facilities especially.


Photos courtesy of DNA Barcelona Architects