Promenade Residence: Duplex Resort with Minimalist Design for Exterior


The Promenade Residence that is designed in Duplex Resort really has the most enchanting exterior since it is designed in minimalist style. With outdoor pool designed with outdoor patio, the exterior design really looks so magnificent. In addition, the resort is built in floor plan installation so that the glass panel is perfectly installed for main wall veneer.

The granite tiles installed at the bottom of the pool also looks so amusing because it emerges the elegant view for the resort. The longue spot that is decorated with minimalist furniture is indeed so perfect because the floor is made from marble stone as the same as the pool deck. With glass panel covered with perforation wall shutter, the BGD Arhcitects really applies the minimalist design for the exterior design. In addition, the Duplex Oasis Golf Resort really emerges the classiest view for the resort. With white color for the exterior wall, the glass panel really emerges the most enchanting view for the house.

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Since the resort is built near the seashore, the wooden deck at the sea really makes the exterior design is so complete. The small pathways that are made from concrete material are decorated with wooden for the railing. From the outdoor foyer, minimalist furniture is perfectly applied with contemporary decoration. Moreover, the glass balustrade is installed as main outdoor fence for the house. The flat rooftop of the resort is also considered as the lavish part of the house. With wooden shutter for the glass panel at the second floor, the backyard really has the most enchanting appearance.

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With green lawn surrounds the house and garden lamp is installed on the ground, the exterior design looks so enchanting. In addition, the interior design is also decorated with adequate interior lamp with white color dominates the decoration. Briefly, by applying Gran Oasis Resort Reviews for the interior, the house is so enchanting.

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Photos by: Rix Ryan Photography