Pankyo Residence / Impressive High End House with Unconventional Concept by Office 53427


In Pankyo Korea, you will find a stunning high end house that is supported by LG. this home is designed by Office 53427 and has unbelievable design that will attract your attention. Look to the exterior side of the residence where you can see unique home building in white color. At the lower side of the building, you will see wooden accent that makes the house looks quirky but cool. The rectangle wall pattern shows you the differentiation compare with another house.

This two-story home building has modern rooftop that can be used for party, gathering, or more entertaining activities for the homeowner pleasure. You will see frameless glass covering the rooftop area. From the side angle, the residence looks like a big cruiser with black glass windows. Step into the house and you will love to see smooth wooden floors. You can say it as one of the best high end house plans that made in details and unconventional appearance.

Stylish Clear Wooden Glass Windows On Clear Tiled Patterned Wall Along Near Wooden Striped Floor Installed Inside Pan Gyo Residence

Amazing Pankyo Residence Furnished Clear Glass WIndows Inside First Floor Along Near Glass Windows Inside Bootom Floor

Mesmerizing Ship Shaped Pankyo Residence Beautified Near Clear Tile Patterned Wall Along Near Wooden Striped Wall Inside Bottom

The interior design is absolutely cool in white color domination. The living room is located at the front side of the house. You will find minimalist living room with custom wall cabinetry in clear white color. There is a flat television inside the entertaining cabinet. You will find modern black sofa at the living room. If you want to go upstairs, then you will find a modern staircase design that is located at the right side of the room.

Captivating Clear Shelves Near Television Installed On Clear Painted Wall Along Near Wooden Striped Floor Inside Pankyo Residence

Attractive Clear Coocon Shaped Pendant Lamp Hanging Over Wooden Striped Floor Along Near Wooden Ladder Inside Pankyo Residence

The curved stair looks elegant with floating timber staircase that leads you up to the next floor. Unfortunately, you cannot see the bedroom of the house from the gallery. At the last picture, you will see two acrylic chandelier lamps hanging on the ceiling. This is one of the best high end custom home plans in impressive design that you will love to see.

Cool Clear Wooden Glass Railing Beside Wooden Glossy Constructed Ladder Near Cocoon Shaped Pendant Lamp Inside Pankyo Residence

Fascinating Clear Painted Wall Near Empty Space On Wall Installed On Wooden Striped Patterned Floor Inside Pankyo Residence


Photography by: Yongkwan Kim