Oberen Berg House / Contemporary Home by Alexander Brenner


Stuttgart provides a contemporary home design called Oberen Berg House which is showing modern look of glass window for everybody who seeing it. Surely it has different concept that makes it different than other modern home building. Flat and simple are developed in this building, but it shows different look for the exterior. Generally this house built in simple and minimalist design, shape, and decoration. But Alexander Brenner is emphasizing more uniqueness for this building.

The flat shaped building is the model for this house in Germany which applies glass window decorations, but besides the common flat shaped house it shows differentiation. Intricate flat shaped house exterior are entertaining the guests while they are coming to this house. The intricate shapes are colored in all-in-white especially for the outer mantel. The white color is friendly and can adapt well with the environment outside. In addition to the clean and simple look, this house provides great outdoor scenery in all direction. The wide green views are produced from the wide green yard both from the side and front yard, and then the green hills from the back side house. The additional facility is the rectangle swimming pool which is allowing the outdoor swim.

Cream Also Brown Color At Oberen Berg House

Cream Wall under Home under That Surrounded By Planters Area

Yard Area under Green Planters Also Grass Giving Fresh Area

Swimming Pool Area Feat Wooden Deck At Oberen Berg House

The swimming pool is framed with wooden floor and it is also elongated to the house. Then the other view is the clear sky above with no border, so the owner can see it clearly form the ground floor or first floor since it was leverage house. The much green scenery outside are natural and original so it can be the advantage to live here. The modern and clean look for the mantel are supported with the interior decoration which is used the same theme. Actually the bright white colors are coloring the interior and exterior with some mixed color inside. The white tones are completed with glass walls on it, then the house can glows more when the sun piercing inside.

Pool Area under Wooden Deck Among Green Grass under Oberen Berg House

Building At Afternoon Among Wooden Deck Also Planter under Oberen Berg House

Area Among Cream Also Black Wall Decorated under Oberen Berg House

Glass Wall Showing Outside View Area

Glass Wall under Home Showing Outside View Area

Steel Color At Daylight under Oberen Berg House

Interior with Taupe Chair Beside Planter At Oberen Berg House

Sofas under Oberen Berg House under That Glass Door Showing Outside View

Table Also Chairs And Among Fruits At Oberen Berg House Also White Wall Decor Giving Bright Area

Room Among Glass Windows under That Showing Outside View By Planters At Oberen Berg House


Glass Wall under Oberen Berg House Also Swimming Pool Givign Nice under Decor

Minimalist color can be more attractive and luxurious although it is only one theme for both interior and exterior. The white colors can bring more light and bright effect and thus can be decorated with other colorful decoration, such as the Oberen Berg House above which has modern home design ideas with glass window design and mixed with green colors around.

Photos: Courtesy of Alexander Brenner