Nhabeo House – Indoor Tree as Interior Décor Idea in Townhouse Design


Living in a narrow lot of a town sometimes make people feel confuse to find a right townhouse design for applying to their residence with indoor tree. Construct on an intermediate space in Vietnam capital city, Hochiminh City, the Nhabeo House able to deceive the limitation of space by establishing a comfortable living space which take an open air concept inside the house building. The townhouse that is designed by Trinhvieta-Architects linking two story which using a growing tall tree in the middle of it as the houses courtyard.

The house facade looks so simple by applying indoor tree pots and pastel color to the wall. A concrete siding panel is arranged in the center of the house exterior to create a fresh air circulation to the house inside. Some of live plantations are put on the balcony to present the fresh impression. The tall tree makes the townhouse design ideas are very unique. Combine with the wooden square mold floor around the tree; it delivers the natural nuance for the house. A family room is intentionally arranged beside this natural decoration to give the relaxation feeling for the habitants.

White Lines Of Wall Made From Wooden Material

The similar concept is also applied to the dining room decoration. A small garden is organized near the dining furniture which embellished by a wooden blocks that are implanted on the wall. The habitants can for sure enjoy their meal time so much. The open air application above the tree enables the room to receive the natural light.

While you get into the bedroom, you will feel comfortable as the light is set up with dim accent. It is intended to give a good quality of sleeping for the owner. The bathroom decoration arrangement is adjusted to the narrow lot by displaying a small bathtub, marble sink with wooden bathroom cabinet and international standard of toilet seat. For accommodating the habitants delight to the movie, these townhouse interior design ideas which apply indoor tree decor also devote a special visual room to watch many movies in cozy atmosphere.

Black Comfy Sofa Several Pillows Also Cream Floor Made From Ceramic

Red Comfy Chair Grey Shag Sofa Also Several Audio System Near Dark Brown Wooden Veneer

Several Clear Chairs Also Red Table Which Has Purple Flower Decoration Placed Inside Glass Vase

White Ceramic Floor Several Grey Chairs Also Several Green Plants Grows Inside Corner Of Spot

Several Clear Chairs Also Dark Brown Dining Table Made From Marble

Dark Brown Wooden Wall Also Dark Brown Wooden Door

White Pillows Also Dark Brown Floor Made From Wooden Material

White Ceramic Bathtub Also Several Light Brown Wooden Cabinets

White Wall Made From Concrete Also Bright Clear Lighting Inside House

White Wall Lines Of Timber Also Single Tree Grows Behind Cage

Wooden Floor Also Several Plants Grow Inside Middle Of Space

Dark Stair Made From Concrete Also Black Wall Made From Stone Material

Concrete Wall Also Clear Horiaontal Cages Which Are Made From Wooden Material

Several Dark Brown Decoration Made From Tree Trunks

Wooden Material Also Bright Comfy Yellow Lighting From Inside