Net Zero Energy Modern House / Amazing Sustainable Home Architecture


This sustainable home design by Klopf Architecture is modern and healthy with the wood flooring design. Such house design is now popular among modern people. They begin to care the surrounding environment. Some efforts are done to get friendly with healthy environment, including by having sustainable home. Such home to save energy has some different way to reach the purpose. The ways are applied to the house design.

Most exteriors and interiors of the present sustainable home are white. In a room, many activities can be conducted. Living room with black furniture is beside the dining room with white furniture. The good contrast is beautifully connected by a ceiling with those two colors. Wood flooring design even makes them better. In the corner, near the dining room, a kitchen is minimalist but elegant. Wooden table and white cabinets are the two most prominent kitchen sets. In fact, in the left and right side of the room, the wall is filled by shelves. They are okay to put any things. Small area of them is used to make a home office.

Living Space Near Wooden Floor Decorated Round Table Along With Black Chairs

Black Sofa Along With Chairs Also Clear Shelves On Both Sides

Living Along With Dining Room with Grey Granite Top Table As Well As Black Sofa Design

White Timber Desk Along With Granite Top Applied Also Clear Stools Ideas

Dining Room Furniture Near Wooden Floor Applied Also Clear Sideboard Table

Door Along With Wooden Kitchen Island Also Dark Beams Ceiling

Interior Near Open Floor Living Space Applied Contemporary Furniture Like Clear Dining Table

Wooden Floor Along With Beams Ceiling As Well As Open Storage On Home Office

Net Zero Energy Modern House - Home Office 2

Wooden Floor Shown Silver Refrigerator Door Along With Transparent Cabinet Door

Net Zero Energy Modern House - Home Office

Wood Floor Along With Glass Balustrade Also Black Beams Ceiling

Window Over Clear Storage Shown Also Wooden Floor

Since the house consists of more than one level, staircases are needed. The stairs are made from the arranged small wooden board which is kept by the strong balusters. A large area in the lowest level for parking area is good. Then, in the different level, a bathroom is totally white and clean. A room from glass for shower is ready. Above the two white sink, a large mirror fills the wall. As a result, the bathroom is reflected by the mirror. The room will look larger.

Garage Near Timber Steps Along With Metal Balustrade Also Concrete Wall Near Glass Window

Shown Floating Staircase Near Timber Steps Along With Bars Balustrade Also Concrete Wall

Concrete Floor Along With Clear Ceiling Applied Staircase Nearby Window

Rod Along With Wooden Steps Applied Also Large Glass Window Designs

Shower Door Along With Metal Towel Bar Also Clear Bathroom Vanity Ideas

White Vanity Along With Metal Towel Bars Also Mirrored Storage Door Ideas

In fact, choosing an eco-friendly living space does not always mean to have usual house design. Modern and elegant house is possible to be sustainable house. Proper and careful design is the key of such healthy house design. Healthy sustainable home with the wood flooring design of Net Zero Energy Modern House in California shows it well.

Outdoor Dinner Abd Barbeque Applied Clear Outdoor Table Along With Chairs


Photography by: Mariko Reed