Natalia House by Agraz Arquitectos


The choosing of the good lighting for house is not easy. You must creative in choosing the good lighting in order to your house looks beautiful and also stylish. Beside it, the good lighting also makes your house become bright at the night or afternoon. The concept of the good lighting can be seen at the Casa Natalia which is designed by Agraz Arquitectos (2009). The building of this house is built in two story house design. The white exterior design makes the house looks elegant and also looks bright.

Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos

Futuristic Design Of Casa Natalia Which Is Completed Near Super Bright Clear Finish Along With Green Lawn Design Idea

This house is also available with small garden located in front of the house. The design of the house looks minimalist with the concept of square foot design. The transparent glass walls design makes the room of this house become bright at the afternoon. However, to reduce the bright sunlight, the white window shutter is also used to decorate the windows. The best lighting for house is much needed at the afternoon especially from the sunlight. The sunlight which is come inside the house makes the house owners become health.

Amazing Lighting From House Backyard Plan Near Transparent Glass Window With View Along With Lights Design Idea

Stylish Design Near Clear Finsihing Design Which Makes This House Plan Better Inside Its Exterior Appearance Design Idea

The white wall exterior design is also applied beside the house. The white walls exterior design makes the house looks beautiful. The using of the white wall exterior design also makes the house owners easy to renovate their wall exterior design especially to change the color of the wall. The good lighting applied in this house makes the house looks luxurious at the night. It can be seen at the fifth picture. The bright lamps come out from the inside house makes the house looks luxurious and wonderful.

Small Vegetation Design Near Green Lawn Which Is Completed With Lighting Beneath Tree Makes House Courtyard Details Looks Better

Simple Night View That Is Coupled Near Minimalist Courtyard Design To Enhance House Backyard Design Idea

Perforated Window Look That Is Completed Near Stunning Design From Playful Quirky Shapes Design Ideas

Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos - Interior

Sleek Wooden Stair Tread Near Interesting Lights That Is Also COmbined With Transparent Hand Railing IdeaFuturistic Bathroom Contemporary Design Near Wooden Base Compartment To Ease People Inside Storing Things

Sleek Bathroom Colours Near Small Vanity Plan Which Is Combined With Large Clean Faced Mirror Design Idea

Versatile Function From Bathroom Corner Design Near Blurry Glass Design Which Is Designed Well With Thick Glass Elements

Large Dimension Of Kitchen Elegance Which Is Combined Near Huge Kitchen Island For Fun Cooking Inside This House

Cozy Interior Decoration Near Comfortable Interior Design That Makes Anyone So Interested When Staying Inside House

The good lighting design is also applied at the small garden located in front of the house. The lamps which are used to decorate the garden makes the garden looks beautiful at the night. So, it is very important to chose the best led lighting for house and garden in order to your house and garden is not only bright but also looks luxurious.

Functional Front View Design Near Perforated Shutter Design Which Increases Appearance From House Exterior

Lower Level Of Garage Car Pool Design To Suit Near Interesting Details Front From This Clear Contemporary House Idea

Beautiful Exterior Design Near Lovely Evening Details That Is Suited With Green Garden Design Idea

Open Spaced Marble Front Design Near Huge Transparent Window Design To Enjoy Scenery Of House Backyard

Green Garden Color Which Is Combined Near Clear Finish From Evening View Exterior Details From This Fascinating House Idea

Elegant Stone Yard From This House Which Is Designed Well Near Night View Front Details Combination

Photographs: Mito Covarrubias