Modern Jung von Matt Office by Stephen Williams Associates


Cozy decoration and arrangement are show on this modern office with modern office desk. To make the employees enjoy and pleasant, an office should be designed in attractive style and model so they will not be uptight and bored. When working on the office, someone will be more tired compared with other people who stay outside the building. That’s why some vacant touches are suitable to make them cheers and glad.

Stephen Williams Associates is the designer for this modern building with modern office desk furniture and he created comfort section rooms inside. Completed in 2011, this modern office is located in in Hamburg, Germany. It is different when a building which is used for an office and the decorations are look like a gallery or art studio. Some wooden floors are combined in the interior parts that are why it is friendlier than other work space. The clear white wall colors are displaying the plain and clean vision in the whole room. The built-in lamp makes the white wall exposes the radiance and spaces area. Wooden racks are used to place the documents and other work papers. To divide every room, it uses glass walls so the activities are visible in both sides. Then it uses curve shaped glass windows to light and bright the room and it will easily help the employees to work and finished their tasks.

Glass Door Also Bookcase under That Dog under There Giving Nice Area

Table Also Pendant Lamps under That Planters Giving Nice Decor

Showing Table Also Netbook under Home under That All Books Completed Decor

Chair under Home Among Paint Wall Near Walls

Walls Among Sofas Also Table under Home Decor

Creative Word under Decor under That Lamps Giving Bright At Home Interior

The meeting room uses long and oval table with unique design on it so the meeting will be relax but formal. To light the meeting event, there is a couple hanging lamp which has ladder shaped and the built-in lamps are hiding in each horizontal side. The comfort meeting room applied coarse tile rug which is colored in dark brown and light brown combined. On the canteen room, the seat and the table are unique, because it is designed in long shaped and look like a deer shaped on every seat. Surely it uses wooden materials to decorate the whole canteen room.

Table Among Lamps Between Cabinets Also Black And Steel Color At Home

Green Also Brown Color At Meeting room
Green Also Brown Color At Meeting room

Wooden Table Also Floor And under Home Showing Dod under Area

Black Color under Home under That Glass Wall Completed Area

Area Among Lamps With Brown Also White Color At Jung von Matt

Table under White Also Black Color under Home under That Two Men under Area

Table Also Chair And under Home under Brown Colors

Table Also Ottoman under Black Color At Home under That Lamps Add Nice under Decor

Tables Among Black Also White Color At Jung von Matt

Tables under Cream Color At Home under That Woman under Area

Table Also Bookcases And Glass Wall Add Nice under Area


A work space is not merely designed and decorated in formal and stark look. Although it used for formal activities it is better to make it more attractive and playful so the cozy nuance are provides. Jung von Matt in Germany has created modern office interior design and modern office desk design to show different and creative innovation.

Photography by: Ralf Buscher