Modern Moscow Apartment by Alexandra Fedorova: Integrated Loft Design in Russia


Many people want to get integrated loft design in creating modern interior design of the loft. In this article we provide the modern design located in the city center of Moscow Russia. The designer, Alexandra Fedorova, designed this modern house called for a family consisting of five people, included parents and three children.

In relation with the house, here are some images of this modern loft interior design. The designer made this integrated loft design and element that is familiar for the client and they are designed in fabulous styles. They renovated the loft that used an American-like decoration. This house has large entrance hall that is designed in white nuance including some wall paintings and unique decoration placed under photo wall. All the elements of this house look flawless and it is divided into two different areas, they are private area and public area. The private area consists of the master bedroom included office room in glass panels decorations.

Contemporary Master Bedroom Design Among Grey Tufted Headboard Also Dark Sideboard Ideas At Airy Apartment Moscow

Decor from Room Corner Nearby Home Office Separated By Transparent Wall under Airy Apartment Moscow Green Upholstered Chair

Office Space under Airy Apartment Moscow Among Glossy White Office Desk Also Black And White Swivel Chair Near Wood Floor

Gathering into the living room, they apply the living room in lower place than the terrace by accomplishing cream soft L shaped sofas with minimalist pillows and also two yellow leather chairs with stainless steel couch. The table is designed of melamine top and iron couch. They apply some decorations and ornaments in this room included circular iron decorations attached to the white wall, unique table lamp, some plants in black vases, and also nice chandelier. They part the living room and dining area with thick wooden partition with some pictures on the wall. The dining table is designed by wood couch with granite tabletop. The grey chairs are surrounding the table and there are round silver ornaments also on the table. We will look chic chandelier on the dining table that makes the room chicer.

Here are some other designs of the loft. Integrated loft design and element ideas are the integrated styles that make the nuance of this loft fabulous with the background and also furniture taken.

Decoration Also Well Organized Living Space Showing Open Floor Dining Living Room Separated By Wood Board Airy Apartment Moscow

Living Room Decor Among Yellow Accent Chairs At Airy Apartment Moscow Near Grey Patterned Carpet Also White Oak Floor

Living Room Design Among Fabric Sectional Sofa Also Yellow Leather Armchiars At Airy Apartment Moscow With Modern Chandelier

Dining Area Decor At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Darkwood Dining Table Also Unique Wire Chandelier Above It


Dining Room Decor Idea At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Mirrored Sideboard Also Darkwood Dining Table Near Wood Floor

Artwork Inside Airy Apartment Moscow under That Make Hallway Beauty Also Among Framed Wall Pictures

Flowers Near Bed Beautifully Decor Among Black Sideboard Also Pendant Lamp Above Ir Airy Apartment Moscow With Tufted Headboard

Decoration Inside Airy Apartment Moscow Among Abstract Wall Painting Also White Coral Vases Beside Green Chair

Traditional Reading Nook Design At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Exposed Brick Wall Also Artistic Painting And C Table

Bedding Idea At Airy Apartment Moscow as Kids Showing Unique Sidboard Also Yellow Mounted Wall Book Storage

Kid's Room Decor At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Learning Nook Applied Modern White Swivel Chair Also Mounted Wall Storage

Wardrobe At Kid's Room Airy Apartment Moscow Among Stuny Nook Nearby Window Decorated With Open Fancy Spiral Pendant

Kitchen Design Among Glossy White Cabinetry Also Dark Marble Backsplash And Countertop At Airy Apartment Moscow

Leather Kitchen Stools Also Marbles Kitchen Table At Airy Apartment Moscow Glossy White Cabinet And Glass Pendants

Silver Balls Near Darkwood Dining Table On The Bottom from Wire Chandelier At Airy Apartment Moscow Dining Area

Details Kitchen At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Marbled Wall Also Table Decorated With Glass Frame Pendant Lamps

Modern Furniture Made From Silver At Airy Apartment Moscow Hallway Among Grey Patterned Sofa Also Black Floor Lamp

Wave Pattern Near Walls Airy Apartment Moscow Bathroom Lit Up By Hidden LED Lighting Among A Bath Tub Near Corner

Contemporary White Bathroom Design At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Enclosed Shower Applied Glass Door

Bathroom Design At Airy Apartment Moscow Among Floating Marbe Sink Also Vanity With Long Standg Mirror With Light

Modern Bathroom Design Among Twin Sinks Porcelain Also Stand High Wall Mirror Earthy Tones Airy Apartment Moscow