Minimalist Home Architecture by Agraz Arquitectos


There are several kinds of minimalist home architecture that are designed by Agraz Arquitectos. One of them is well known called as Seth Navarrete House. The house is located in Zapopan, Mexico on a 200 square meter terrain. Here are the furtherer designs as follow.

Some pictures of this house are here following the details. This minimalist home architecture ideas are designed as brilliant by accomplishing minimalist home design but it does not look as so simple. From outside, this house is like tight, but when we look inside the house, it explores some free and wide space. The designer envisioned this minimalist house for a young couple and they only need short budget. This building is dominated in white using materials of concrete, some woods, and also prefabricated materials. It features some skylight and air circulation system by adding some perforating styles on the wall or uses stripes lining styles.

Front Compact House Exterior Among Modern Home Shaped Design With White Wall Decoration Ideas Used Flat Roof Design Ideas

Volumes Seth Navarrete House Exterior Among White Wall Color Design Finished With Modern Home Shaped Decoration Ideas as Home Inspiration

Seth Navarrete House Exterior Decorated Among Modern Home Design Used White Wall Color Decoration Made From Concrete Material as Home Inspiration

This house includes several rooms included a hall for dining area. There is also a small bathroom under the staircase. The room is designed in spacious space in which the wall to ceiling allows the light get over all area. There is private room on the second floor included bedrooms, closet, and wide bathroom. Please look at one of the rooms. In this case, the ambiance of the room is designed in soft nuance by accomplishing wooden floor and soft wall to top design. In kitchen, they apply more dazzling kitchen set. They make the cabinets and counter using stainless steel countertop and combine with very enchanting lighting system from the chandelier or lights on the racks.

If we are attracted to get more about this home design, we can furtherer get other following pictures. Looking at minimalist home architecture inspiring ideas can increase our ideas in decorating dazzling house in minimalism.

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Bathroom Colours Interior Among Beige Color Style Completed With Contemporary Style Finished under Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Neat Bathroom Interior Among Beige Wall Design Ideas Used Contemporary Decoration Ideas as Home Inspiration To Your House

Sink Also Mirror Design as Powder Room Interior Among Minimalist Contemporary Decoration Ideas under Beige Wall Color Style

Hallway Interior Among Minimalist Design Ideas Used Beige Wall Color Decoration Finished With Modern Decoration Ideas

Details Hallway Interior Among Minimalist Modern Design Ideas Decorated With Unique Wall Decor Also Wooden Flooring Style

Between Floors Interior Design Decorated Among Beige Wall Decor Combined With Wooden Staircase Also Wooden Floor Ideas Design

Upper Floor Room Interior Among Modern Design Used Wooden Flooring Also Simple Wall Shelving Furniture Style

Bedroom Interior Among Minimalist Modern Design Used Unique Japanesse Door Ideas Also Wooden Floor And Bedroom Furniture Decoration Design

Light under Bedroom Interior Among Minimalist Modern Design Decorated With Beige Color Decoration Used Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Front View House Exterior Among Modern Home Shaped Design Ideas Used Small Green Garden Decoration under Night View With Elegant Style

Street View Home Exterior Design Among Modern Home Decor With Good Lighting under Touch as Home Inspiration To Your House

Seth Navarrete House At Night View as Exterior Home Design Used Modern Decoration Ideas Among Flat Roof Style as Home Inspiration



Photography by: Mito Covarrubias