Mexico Geometric Residential House in High Quality Style


The design of geometric residential house located in Monterrey, Mexico is a magnificent design applied in more volume house style. This house designed by GLR Arquitectos is well known called as CH House. The house features high quality lifestyle by accomplishing the luxury experience.

Here are some pictures following the details of this Mexico home design. The geometric residential house architecture includes elegances. The house uses stripes transparent fences a half and concrete fort with plants and lights. In front of the house, there is a swimming pool with wooden deck. There are some brown lounge sofas on the deck facing the swimming pool. The deck and swimming pool is an opened up area in which from that deck place, people can enjoy wonderful city views and greenery around. There is also wide opened living area after the deck. The background of the room includes wooden floor and ceiling. The living room design is stylized in brown sofas that are placed in every side included two glass tables with two wooden benches between the tables.

CH House From Large Open Terrace Among Swimming Pool

View Over City CH House At Night From Large Open Terrace Among Swimming Pool Also Modern Deck

Facade View At Night from CH Luxury Home Among Concrete Fence Also Wood Gate under Front from Main Deck And Porch

After having in outside living area, going inside to the room with glass facades, there is also wide living room with high ceiling in magnificent styles. The cream sofas are placed in U shaped and the two other sofas are high arm and backrest chairs. They apply the table in two different styles of glass and wood. Many decorations are placed in the living room. There are two table lamps on the wooden benches and some plants. Near the living room, there is dining area in round wooden table with brown chairs. There is also red big wallpaper. In the prefabricated wall and partition of that living area, there is a modern fireplace and also a granite counter with beautiful flowers in red and white and wooden circular ornaments.

The other related pictures are here dealing with this magnificent residence design. The concept of geometric residential house architecture design and decoration is great enough dealing with the ornaments and decoration of the house.

Details from Living Room Open Floor To Dining Room At CH House Among Floor To Ceiling Glass Window Also Wood Floor

Ceilings Design Near CH House Above Living Space Among Wooden Floor Also Indoor Meets Outdoor Due To Glass Wall

Furniture At CH House Family Room Among Brown Leather Sofa Also Glass Top Coffee Table With Dark TV Stand

Relaxing Room Design At CH House Among Sofa Also Sleeper Sofa Beautify By Arco Lamp And Large Window

Ceiling Lighting Also Details Structure At CH House Among Hidden And Appear Lighting under That Make Interesting

Indoor Also Natural Appear under CH House Interior Beside Stylish Dining Room White Table And Stone Wall

Dining Area Decor At CH House Among Circular Wood Table Also Chairs And Modern Black Fireplace Design

Darkwood Floating Staircase Design Among Glass Balustrade At CH House Decorated With Koi Pond Also Canvas Painting

Indoor Garden Design At CH House Among Natural Stone Wall Also Green Vegeations Decorated With Leather Lounge

Modern Bathroom Among Neutral Color Earthy Tones Backdrop Also Flooring under CH House Applied White Bath Tub Design

Terrace Also Pool View At CH House Decorated Among Some Upholstered Lounges And Dining Nook Nearby Wall

CH House by GLR Arquitectos


Photography by: Jorge Taboada