Manta Rhei Interior Lighting Ornaments by Selux


What do you think want to design the interior lighting ornaments in excellent ways? Here is a new way in applying the light at once as the nice ornaments. Yeah, Selux designed an interior lights called as Manta Rhei just likely as a stingray that is going through the water. Those are really excellent combination of the art and technology.

To make clear the light design and system, here are some pictures and details that follow up. This interior lighting ornaments system is completed by involving Selux and ART+COM collaboration. They explore the potential style of the OLED in transforming from the mundane needs to a vibrant architectural and art design element. Actually it is rather complex to combine the two different systems with the movement and mechanical. Yeah, the mechanical movement features the fixtures and also the animation. This ornament can be well placed on the ceiling and shining the room nuance in more elegant and artistic.

OLED Technology as Ceiling Light Design Decorated Among Modern Style as Home Inspiration To Your House

As we know, each luminaire consists of ten OLED lamps in which all of the OLEDs are controlled by one central unit. As here as example, the OLED Luminiare is applied on the ceiling of dining table. The nuance becomes more romantic and wow. There, it is combined well with the wooden bench table and surrounded by black and white pattern chairs that are matched with the OLED luminaire. This light can also be applied in high ceiling of the building because the shines of this light is bright enough. This light can make a room become more elegant and colorful in plaid when applying on the dark shades.

Here are some details of the OLED lamps that are applied one together as luminaire styles. Interior lighting ornaments inspiring system and ideas using OLED in this case can really be new ideas in decorating and shining our room at once.

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