Maison Cambolin / Chic Rustic Home with Strong Wood Tones by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte


The traditional rustic home that is built with wooden material surely impresses every eye that sees it. Maison Cambolin was designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte and completed in 2009. Located in the historic village of Albinen, Switzerland. Constructed in simple and old style, the old woods are used for creating the facade and also the windows. Placed on the inclined ground, the solid foundation of concrete material is allowed to strengthen the building. The contrast decoration is revealed by the interior decoration. Still in woods, the entire home is decorated in cozy and modern style. Bright nuance fulfills the spacious area to give the convenient living place. This house becomes the striking building among the houses around.

Traditional outlook appears from this rustic home design. The old structure of the woods is kept to emerge the village home. The windows are also covered with the wooden material. At the first floor, the strong concrete material is used for the foundation and also the simple room. At the roof, the use of woods creates the simple outlook as the roof tiles. At the back, simple balcony with iron railing gives you a relaxing time with the different nuance of the wooden material.

Unusual Architecture Of Maison Cambolin House Near Wooden Wall Along Near Glass Windows Near Pebble Space

Classic Wooden Wall Along Near Timber Framed Glass Windows Inside Maison Cambolin House Exterior Near Stone Arrangements

Simple Bedroom Inside Maison Cambolin House Near Clear Bed Along Near Clear Quilt Near Wide Glass Windows

Bright nuance covers the home interior. Designed with bright wooden material, the entire building is covered in elegant outlook. Spacious living area with classic fireplace within the stone mantle reveals the elegant nuance with the warm lighting that is continued by the windows. Still in wooden decoration, kitchen is designed in the same color tone for the cabinets and kitchen table. Private room with all in one decoration contains the white bed and the elegant bathtub and sinks. Modern oval pendant light gives the convenient lighting that supports the natural lighting form the outside.

Traditional Houses View Near Maison Cambolin House Seen From Wide Glass Walls Along Near Wooden Wall

Fascinating Kitchen Inside Maison Cambolin House Near Long Clear Island Along Near Clear Cabinets On Wooden Floor

Fantastic Maison Cambolin House Kitchen Near Long Clear Island Along Near Clear Cabinets Near Wooden Staircase

Clean Interior Of Maison Cambolin House Near Bright Hardwood Floor Along Near Wooden Wall Under Wooden Ceiling

Awesome Open Bathroom Inside Maison Cambolin House Bedroom Near Clear Tub Along Near Clear Vanity Near Wide Bed

Having a unique rustic residence reveals the fascination for having it. The different nuance of the appearance showcases the taste of creative home design. Wooden material that is used is perfectly presented in traditional outlook. The domination of this material brings the characteristic of old house. The modernity is perfectly combined as the interior in bright nuance. Comfortable living area is made from wooden material and spacious decoration. This site becomes one kind of rustic home design ideas that inspires us for creating the innovative home design in wooden material.

Minimalist Design For Maison Cambolin House Architecture Near Wide Glass Windows Along Near Wooden Wall Near Pebble Space

Rustic Details Inside Maison Cambolin House Exterior Near Wide Glass Windows Along Near Wooden Wall Near Bright Lighting

Wonderful Details Inside Maison Cambolin House Exterior Near Wooden Wall Along Near Bright Interior Lighting From Glass Walls


Photography by: Thomas Jantscher