Los Feliz House / Enjoyable Exterior Design with Tropical Nuance


Designed by Jacobschang Architecture, is located in Los Feliz, California, this house provides beauties in both exterior and interior sides, thus the owner and the guests can enjoying the facilities. The warm morning and cold night will look great from this house. Tropical and natural nuances surrounds harmonize in the outside part so it wills a vacant house alike. The clear white themes make this house comfort but clean co visitors will feel comfort and cozy there. Mike Jacobs designed special and stylish appearance for this building.

Kitchen Also Colorful Sitting Space Near Clear Wall

Home Courtyard Near Green Trees Also Green Iron Chairs

From the exterior design which uses yellow chairs living room this house not really planned the complicated model; it uses pure white tones for all of the exterior color. It has a green backyard which is planted with green grasses and some medium leafy trees. Thus make this Californian house style friendly and gladden for most of people. On the backyard, there is also available a blue water swimming pool which makes this building looks more vacant and enjoyable. In the top building, it has roof terrace which can be used to relaxing and seeing scenery around it. The outdoor terrace uses white long sofa to help seeing the beautiful panorama in all directions. Also it has small fireplace to uses when the weather becomes too cold outside. It is colored in the same color with the ground building; clear white color dominant.

Going to the inside part, there are some white colors furniture, appliances, sets and decorations. The owner chooses wooden floors to cover the ground and it makes the room clean and vintage. The living room uses blue long sofa and light yellow long sofa in opposite arrangement. This color looks so chic and matches with the dominant color and it shows colorful nuance on it. The clear white bedroom is filled with white mattress and white couch with two emeralds green pillows. The bathroom designed in clean color nuance and applied wide mirror on the sidewall. Clean and clear colors help to maximizing its aura.

The good decoration and design will help the owner to make their guests comfort and enjoyed. Good decoration can be shown not only in expensive design but also fun and vacant decoration. Such as this Californian style house design which has white table yellow chairs and tropical style both exterior and interior.

Simple Dining Room Also Cozy Sitting Space

Home Near Exclusive Dining Room Also Clear Ceiling

White Bookshelves Also Clear Desk On Wooden Floor

Table Inside Home Dining Room Near Clear Chairs Also Black Chairs

White Stools Also Wooden Cabinets Under Clear Ceiling

Bedroom Near Clear Bed Also Glass Bedside Table

Home Bedroom Near Clear Bed Also Clear Quilt

Home Bedroom Near Exclusive Iron Lamp

Home Bedroom Near Glass Bedside Tables

Table Inside Home Near Clear Fence Also Concrete Floor

Table On Concrete Floor Inside Los Home Terrace

Wooden Chairs Also Orange Fireplace On Clear Floor

Yellow Chairs Also Glass Side Table Near Clear Fence


Photos by: Michael Wells