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Natural environment is surrounding this lakeside home with TV room in Hungary and Toth Project designed it. Green and blue views are seeing every day and every time, thus make this house precious and meaningful. Placed in natural area does not make this house has the same theme with it. Precisely this building is constructed in modern and luxurious design. It looks like a palace among the wide area, moreover the two-story shaped and roof terrace make it more deluxe.

Lakeside Home in Balatonboglar 2

This house is enclosed with wide green grass courtyard in front side and then extensive lake in the backside. Those natural fences give different lakeside home plans which are created in modern and sophisticated model such as TV room furniture for the TV room interior. The backside view is expansive lake which is in close distance with the building. The divider between the backside part and the lake is wooden squared gates. Enjoying the backside scenery can be more interesting with beach seat. The backyard is full with green grasses as same as the front yard ahead. The dominant colors are clear white and dark brown which is combining in all of the exterior tone.

Lakeside Home in Balatonboglar

Home Near Wooden Fence Facing Sea View

As the same with the exterior, it uses brown color as well for the interior color and decorating. It uses stone wall in some sides, wooden walls and ceilings in the entire rooms inside. The clear white and brown theme color still filling in the inside part and then it uses almost wooden furniture and appliances. This building applied different sofas type and colors to be used in some rooms inside. The coal blue long sofas are applied for the family room besides the kitchen and dining room. Then the dark brown sofas are applied in the family room in front of the dining bar. The clear white floors are neutralizing the color combinations inside.

Natural environment is additional aspect to make a house look more fascinating. But it is still important to make the building looks good and attractive and creates its identical value. In the contemporary lakeside home plans with TV room decor above it develops modernity and stylish design although it has beautiful and original enticement.

Wooden Coffee Table Inside Home Living Room

Home Sitting Space Near Wooden Table

Black Sectional Sofa Also Wooden Wall

Brown Sectional Sofa Also Wooden Table

Coffee Table Also Long Black Sectional Sofa Inside Lakeside Home

Dining Room Near Long Table Also Brown Chairs

Long Table Also Brown Chairs Under Exclusive Lamp

Kitchen Near Contemporary Stove Also Clear Counter

White Table Also Clear Drawers Inside Lakeside Home Inside Balatonboglar

White Wall Also Long Brown Halsorail

Bedroom Near Green Also Some Colorful Cushions

Home Balcony Near Grey Stone Floor

Wooden Floor Also Wide Glass Walls

Home Facade Near Wooden Wall Also Wide Door

Home Near Wide Glass Walls Also A Stone Wall