Lakehouse Residence / Contemporary Home with Wonderful Exterior Design


Lakehouse Residence – Located in Winter Haven-United States, This spacious house is supported with wide courtyard outside which is planted with green grasses. This whole building is standing in high plane and it looks like a stage. Max Strang Architecture has designed this wonderful creation and full decorated in bright white color.

Residence Patio Near Wooden Floor Also Wooden Ceiling Over Clear Furniture

This house has summer sensation and modern design of white tufted leather sofa set in one shaped. As the contemporary home, this house building plans develop eco-friendly and fresh nuance every day. From the green and natural courtyard, it uses some marble stairs to go inside. This decoration makes this building like a palace and especially in the night it; because the clean radiant tone and gold lamps inside gusted and spread the luxurious aura outside. In the backside this building hides a swimming pool which has medium size and it is formed among marble floors outside. The squared swimming pool is outdoor and roofless above but beside it there are two chair sets and above it the wooden ceilings are protected, so it will not really hot and sultry.

View Near Green Grass Yard Also Long Patio Space Near It

Glass Walls Also Open Patio Space

Table Inside Lakehouse Residence Patio Near Long Blue Pool

Long Blue Pool Also Granite Floor Near Wooden Wall

In the deeper side, it can be seen a lot of modern and sophisticated appliances and the decoration is simple and minimalist. The base color is clean white and some furniture stand in white color. It uses glass to make the light nuance out more and it applies on the walls and some doors. The floors are combination between dark color marble and brown color woods. The bathroom is designed with simple and dry concept; it uses white oval bathtub and wooden cabinets. This coloring and decorating idea is simple and not complicated; all-in-white color. But with that simplicity this house has glamor and pretentious aura.

Living Room Near Brown Sectional Sofa Also Clear Chairs

Living Room Near Brown Sectional Sofa Also Some Clear Chairs

Wooden Table Also Glass Chairs Near Clear Kitchen Islalso

Residence Near Clear Islalso Also Clear Cabinets Near Clear Drawers

Bathroom Near Wooden Vanity Also Wide Mirror Over Wooden Floor

Glorious appearance sometimes is not always delivered in various and complex design and decoration. People can creates and makes it in simple and minimalist way and give the suitable color to make it flash and glow. As it seen on the lake house building design with white tufted sofa bed which is easy to realized the shaped.

Residence Seen From Terrace Near Long Blue Pool Also Wooden Wall

Lakehouse Residence Contemporary Home with Wonderful Exterior Design