KN House / Stunning Budget Home Design by Adrei-studio Architecture


Built with an adorable appearance this family house represents the beauty of a budget home design with a small concrete yard. This house only needs as much as $15,000.00 to make it happen. This adorable house is made for a single family with two children so it doesn’t really need a lot of rooms inside it, but still that is a really good deal to have this small house with complete internal organization.

This budget house is located on a dense populated area of Tu Lien, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam. The designer of the house, Adrei-studio Architecture, is able to make use of its narrow space that is left from two buildings that envelope the house. Budget home design ideas of this small home are presented on its utilization of minimalist home design with a small concrete yard.

Architecture Facade View Displaying Door Along With Attic

The sense of minimalism can be seen on its exterior with its striking bright look. The white color that is predominant on the house exterior makes the house looks stand out from its environment that mostly has grayish color of concrete building design. There is a small concrete yard in front of the house which is enveloped with two white brick wall exposing their brick texture. A hole is made on the yard as a place for a small tree to grow.

Timber element is used on the house facade that comes in some panels. One big panel serves as its wooden doors while the other can be twisted creating ventilation and openings for the natural light to come. Above those wooden panels, there is a cantilevered overhang that comes from the upper floor compartment of this two story house.

Architecture Backyard Displaying Natural Ground Near Trees

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture 5

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture 3

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture 6

As we step inside the house, a warm nuance is presented in its small living room. You can feel the coziness of this small room with its two wooden sofas with thick black cushion enveloping a sleek wooden coffee table. To save some spaces, there is a wall shelving unit which is also utilized as a stair in this room. Another wooden stair is also existed here to lead you to a loft bedroom. The use of white walls as one of its budget home interior design ideas with the small concrete yard makes the room inside its gets a wider impression.

Living Room Near A Set Of Chairs Table Along With Bookcase On Stairs

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture - Wooden sofas with thick black cushion enveloping a sleek wooden coffee table

Staircase Leading Into Loft Of House Architecture

Storage To Maximize House Architecture Interior

Architecture Ground Floor Space Displaying Staircase Along With Storage

House Architecture Near Loft Along With Bookcase

House Architecture Loft Near Bench Under It

Studio Architecture Stairwell Displaying Loft Along With Bench Under It

Architecture Hall Along With Entryway Painted Inside Clear Near Shelf As Well As Wooden Bench

Bath Near Floating Vanity Along With Porcelain Toilet

KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture 4

Architecture Living Room Near Shuttered Transition Into Backyard


Photography : Courtesy of Adrei-studio Architecture