Kitchen Design Ideas for Commercial Use


Before you determine kitchen design for commercial use, there are a few crucial factors to consider. In commercial places like restaurant or other food service zones, size is the key. Besides, you should make sure it has appropriate ventilation for smooth air circulation. Storage space is also an important factor. Just make a list of what you need to have in the kitchen and how to make it a good space to work.

The Flooring System

The most important factors about a flooring system in a commercial kitchen are; safety, comfort, easy to clean and durable. To cover all of the needed factors, you can choose painted concrete and ceramic tile as the flooring system. Those options are durable, easy to clean, as well as safe to hold up busy kitchen and the high traffic. Choose grainy finished tile or paint the concrete flooring with slip resistant paint to make it increasingly safe. Additionally, add rubber flooring in areas that are more likely to get spills. It will add the safety degree in the kitchen where fewer people work inside.

Choose Portable Equipment 

If you are going to choose some equipment for complete the kitchen design, it is better to choose portable equipment or those that can be moved easily to another place. The moveable equipment will enable you to clean the area under the equipment easily. So there is no hidden dirt or spilled things found under the equipment.

Designing a Work Flow

A work flow kitchen design should be also made for the commercial kitchen. To make the work flow, you can draw a diagram that shows the placement of every equipment. Prepare all right places for cooks and walk traffic for every kitchen crew while preparing the menu. Manage the work flow as effective as possible so each crew can move well; including about the anticipated flow. It will prevent accidents in the kitchen.


Commercial Kitchens and Bars
Commercial Kitchens and Bars. Image Source :
Residential kitchen with stunning chevron marble floor
Residential kitchen with stunning chevron marble floor. Image Source : EDG

Kitchen Design in HACCP standard

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) should be another factor to consider about designing a kitchen for commercial use. The points of potential hazards should be concerned well; start from the point of where the food is received, to the chiller and pantry, until the area of food preparation. Consider every spot in the kitchen that may have contamination or health hazards while the food is being prepared. The design of the kitchen should avoid cross contamination risks. Place cooler room near the loading dock to keep temperature of the foods and prevent contamination. Right placing of the areas should be planned well in the kitchen design.

Kitchen design with gorgeous pale wood and shades of grey
Kitchen design with gorgeous pale wood and shades of grey. Image Source : Restaurant & Bar
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Beautiful kitchen with natural stone and patterned tile elements
Beautiful kitchen with natural stone and patterned tile elements. Image Source : Restaurant & Bar
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