Kabinett / Minimalist Apartment Remodeling by Septembre


Kabinett is a minimalist apartment as a remodeling result presented by Septembre. This remodeling project is transforming the manufacturing workshop into the modern living space in fabulous design. The new look is shown with the design of this bright home interior. Monochromatic color makes this interior space looks stylish and sophisticated. White looks great for every element in this interior. The wooden flooring is in while, the interior ceiling, and the cabinets too. The bright look is added by the glass windows installed on the interior wall in large size.

Completed Among Built under Bench With Wooden Top With Desk Extension

A dark colored sofa is placed together with the stylish lounge in vintage style. The workspace is placed in the other side of the interior close to the glass windows. The side cabinet that is also in white has the multipurpose. It can be the cabinet s storage or it can also be the windows seating. Natural color is displayed by the green plants that are put on the side cabinet.

Chair Among Footboard Completed With Floor To Ceiling White Bookcase

Painting Also Furnishing Completed Among Black Touches as Ladder And Floor Lamp

An acrylic rocking chair in white color is behind the sleek modern wooden table in rectangular shape. Perhaps rocking chair looks unusual for the workspace seating, but in this interior, it looks stylish. The kitchen is designed in modern look with black and white color. Contemporary lamps are installed in a row on the kitchen ceiling. The black kitchen wall gives the chic color contrast to the monochromatic white color in this interior.

Storage Among Light Wood Top as Sitting Combined With Stylish Desk With Rocking Chair

Combined Among Built under Sitting With Storage Also White Rocking Chair

Sleek Black Cabinet Among Stainless Steel Sink Also Pure White Island

Combined Among Floor To Ceiling Bookcase Creating Well Integrated Home Interior

A large book shelves are installed on the other side of the walls. It has simple ladder in white color to reach the upper part of this floor to ceiling book shelves. Small bathroom in white interior is the best choice for this house interior employing minimalist concept. New family home look can look stylish even for small space with this bright color application.

Cabinet Among Sink Also White Island With Three Pendant Lamps Above

Reading Spot, Possible Dining Between Also Kitchen Among Island

Divider Offering Nice Air Circulation as Complete Airy Home Interior

Featured Among Soft White Curtain Combined With White Painting as Wall Also Ceiling

Built under Bench Among Light Wood Top Combined With French Windows

Interior Among Floor To Ceiling White Bookcase Featured With Black Ladder

Casing Also Spacious Sill Among Greens Connecting Home Shower To Living Room

Tiles as Wall Also Floor Combined Among Wooden Vanity With Rectangular Sinks

Wood Vanity Among Double Rectangular Sinks under White With Frameless Mirror With Lights

Wood Floor Also Sleek Modern Cabinet Among Stainless Steel Vertical Handles



Photography by: Maris Mezulis