IS by Yo Yamagata Architects: Minimalist House Decorated with Chic Window Shutter


The minimalist house in chic design can be seen at IS House. This house is situated in Saitama, Japan. The designer of this house is Yo Yamagata Architects. The building of this house looks simple although it is built in tree story house design. Looked from the facade, the building of this house is not too large. This house is available with the terrace in square shape design.

Stripe Cover Of IS House Design Which Is Colored Adopting Black Color Is Avoiding House From Sunlight Idea

The minimalist house plans decorated with the white walls design. The house which is decorated with the good lighting looks beautiful. The large windows design in square shape design makes the house looks wonderful. The house is also decorated with the window shutter. The window shutter is made from aluminum material. This window shutter is colored in black. It makes the house looks wonderful and also chic. The window shutter is used at the first, second, and also third floor.

Dark Black Exterior Shutter Design Which Has Exclusive Design To Avoid Direct Sunlight From This IS House Contemporary House Interior

Minimalist Home Living Near Narrow Space Design Of This Fancy Plan Of Which Is Applied With Contemporary Look Design With House Exterior Design

We can see that the roof of this house is slanting shape design. The roof is also decorated with the window shutter made of aluminum. The chic decoration is also applied at the kitchen. The kitchen is decorated with the wooden kitchen bar colored in brown. The white sink is attached on the kitchen bar. This kitchen bar is available with a wasteful. The kitchen is also decorated with the wooden cabinet colored in brown and white. On the other side, we can see the white stairs. The stairs are located behind the kitchen.

Dazzling Interior Design Plan Which Is Completed Near Sleek Kitchen Countertops With Clear Sink Design

Wooden Base Flooring Design That Comes Near Sleek Plan Inside Designing This Contemporary IS House Plan For Living

Sleek Plank Timber Decoration That Can Also Functioned As Seat Design Of IS House Design Idea

IS by Yo Yamagata Architects Minimalist House Decorated with Chic Window Shutter

White Perforated Flooring Of Second Level Flooring Plan Of This IS House Plan Which Is Completed Near Durable Materials

Cozy Bath Tub Decoration That Is Completed Near Super Clear Finish To Make This IS House Interior Looks More Fantastic

The large window design made of glass material makes the room of this house become bright. The room will get enough sunlight at the afternoon. The wooden floor in dark brown color is matching with the white room design. The minimalist house plants design with window shutter and chic interior looks pretty.

Rustic Timber Finish From Sleek Interior Flooring Design Which Is Furnished Near Stunning Along With Artistic Design Of IS House Idea

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Sleek Wall Design From IS House Is Colored Adopting Black Along With Clear Finish That Will Enhance House Interior Decoration Design

Shady Window Shutter Decoration Which Is Furnished Near Contemporary Design That Will Make House Interior Stay Inside Comfort Condition

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Shuttered Design Of Exterior IS House Which Is Completed Near Minimalist Design For Family Home Living Idea

Photographs: Forward stroke Inc