Inspiring Minimalist Apartment as Your Home Reference


Nowadays, you will easily find a home with minimalist interior. One of the best homes that you should see from the picture is NM Apartment that was designed by Paul Kaloustin Architect. This apartment completely shows you the urban apartment for urban people like you. If you love to stay in simple but beautiful place, then you should see the gallery of this house. You will see a beauty house in simplicity that you can choose as your home inspiration.

When you walk inside the house, it looks like an empty room. Actually, this is the right sign that shows you a minimalist interior design in pure way. The whole room inside the house looks clean in white wall paints. When you come inside, you only can see two stylish chairs that made from wooden material and metal cantilevers. The main living room looks simple but comfy.

Fascinating Clear Open Cabinets Installed On Clear Painting Along Near Marble Floor Near Building Mural Inside NM Apartment

Astonishing Clear Books Shelves Near Alphabet Mural On Clear Painted Wall Installed Inside NM Apartment

Airy Space Inside NM Apartment Furnished Near Clear Painting Along Near Marble Tiled Floor As Well As Clear Wooden Door

Charming Wooden Single Chairs Inside Empty Space Installed On NM Apartment Near Clear Painted Wall Along Near Marble Floor

Cool Clear Painted Wall Along Near Marble Tiled Floor Installed Inside NM Apartment Complete Near Small Pendant Lamp

It has wide living room with two-level long dresser in white color. You will see modern grey sofa in front of the television. This room will be the favorite room beside the bedroom. When you go further to the dining area, then you also can see minimalist dining room with chunky wooden table and simple white chairs. After you finish with the dining room, then you can try to explore the kitchen area. It has simple kitchen design with white kitchen cabinet without the upper cabinet.

Nice Layout Of NM Apartment Completed Near Wooden Decorative Arm Chairs Gray Sofa Along Near Clear Books Shelves

Captivating Clear Books Shelves On Clear Painted Wall Near Alphabet Mural On It Installed Inside NM Apartment

Amusing NM Apartment Furnished Near Wooden Dining Desk Near Clear Single Chairs Inside Clear Painted Wall

Classic Wooden Striped Dining Desk Near Clear Decorative Single Chairs Installed Inside NM Apartment Near Clear Painting

Free Shipping Gold Faucet Inside Clear Wooden Island Along Near Wooden Cabinets For Kitchen Installed Inside NM Apartment

The last two rooms that important for you to see are the bedroom and the bathroom. It has simple bedroom design without any ornament on the bed side. When you step into the bathroom, you will find modern minimalist bathroom in white color domination. There is modern floating toilet and floating toilet cabinet. Mosaic tile walls make the bathroom looks elegant but also simple. Now, you already get a minimalist interior design inspiration that will open your eyes widely.

Prestigious Gray Wooden Glass Windows Installed As Wall Of Bedroom Inside NM Apartment Near Transparent Drapes On It

Interesting Gray Wooden Glass Windows Installed On Marble Floor Inside NM Apartment Beautified Near Abstract Wall Art

Mesmerizing Clear Gray Transparent Drapes On Gray Wooden Glass For Bedroom Installed Inside NM Apartment

Unique Shaped Ceiling Lamp Installed On Bathroom Near Clear Gray Painted Wall Inside NM Apartment

Terrific Clear Wooden Bed Near Gray Duvet Cover Inside Gray Marble Floor Inside Bedroom Installed Inside NM Apartment

Astounding Ceramics Wiled Wall Near Many Small Hanging Dress Installed Inside Bathroom Of NM Apartment

Fantastic Wall Glass Along Near Clear Wooden Cabinets As Well As Counter Top Inside Bathroom Installed Inside NM Apartment

Inspiring Iron Modular Shower Hanging Inside Bathroom Near Iron Faucet Installed Inside NM Apartment

Simple Shaped Wall Installed Near Clear Painting Along Near Marble Floor Completed Small Wall Lamp Inside NM Apartment


Photography : courtesy of Paul Kaloustian Architect