Industrial Kitchen Island in Commercial Kitchen Design with Contemporary Style


Creating a commercial kitchen design with industrial kitchen island is different with creating the personal one. There are a lot of aspects that must be decided to maintain the worker’s efficiency in working time. Because keeping the good impression for both of customer and worker is important, the owner must give an extra attention for the quality of the kitchen.

Modern clean industrial style kitchen with black walls and marble counters

There are several aspects that must be kept to give the commercial modern kitchen design a good quality of industrial kitchen island lighting. First is the space that exists in the kitchen. The space cannot be too limited because it can make the move of the worker becomes limited too. It also cannot be a very wide since the worker will need an extra stamina to keep moving in the big area of kitchen. So it is important to pay attention toward the mobility of the workers there because it is the main generator of the kitchen.

The second rule to keep the good quality of the kitchen is the maximum use of the energy. By putting several kitchen things in one place can make the energy used in the kitchen wasted inefficiently. For example is putting refrigerator and stove or microwave in one place. The heat from the stove and microwave can give the refrigerator an extra work or vice-versa because both of stove and refrigerator are producing different types of energy. These two things must be put in a separate place so the energy does not radiate in vain.

Industrial Kitchen Island in Commercial Kitchen Design with Stainless steel cabinetry and antique French-tiled floor

Actually, there are other ways to keep the quality of commercial kitchen design. The top two in the list of the most important ways are being written above. The other way for example, keeping the quality of utensils and the temperature in the kitchen is also important. But, in maintaining the quality of commercial modern kitchen design idea which applies vintage industrial kitchen island, there is one thing that becomes main vitality and cannot be forgotten in every kitchen which is the hygiene of the place and utensils.

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