Indoor Swimming Pool for Smart Home in Modern Dwelling


Some people who want to make home renovation need to reconstruct the main house building with indoor swimming pool so it causes the extra budget expenses. The extension of cubic which is offered by Gras Arquitectos may give you the inspiration as well as solution to renovate your residence without reconstructing the previous main building. Kubik Extension which is situated in Mallora, Spain, is designed to include the swimming pool and game lounge as well inside of the house.

White Concrete Wall Also Big Garden Filled Near Green Grass Also Tall Trees

The cubic installation and is arranged beside the main house. It is used wooden element to deliver the classic and warm impression. The home renovation ideas with indoor swimming pool design look so beautiful as if the cubic attached to the landscape behind. The cubic applies the glass window to create the feeling of border less between indoor and outdoor. You can enjoy your day at the hall behind the house as well. Besides, it is very perfect place to hold a gathering with your family, such as barbecue party or firework celebration.

The back hall is connected to the entrance way of the cubic extension. To maintain the private nuance, some of tall natural fences are planted surrounding this area. This cubic is organized for indoor pool, both for adult and for children. Beside the pool, you can find a private gym to enable the owner to get exercise whenever she or he wants.

Big Blue Swimming Pool Also Silver Halsorail Made From Stainless Steel

Light Brown Wooden Floor Also Big Pool Which Has Sof Blue Colored Water

Big Comfy Blue Swimming Pool Also Light Brown Floor Made From Wooden Veneer

The combination of wooden element with natural stone of the previous exterior building creates the atmosphere of classic. The lovely landscape blends beautifully which makes the owner and her or his guests feel comfortable while spending their time in there. You can enjoy the landscape as well from inside the pool and private gym since the border less impression created by the glass window installation enables you to looking around. The home renovation ideas interior which applies indoor swimming pool ideas will guarantee your satisfaction with unforgettable impression.

Soft Brown Wooden Floor Also Several Black Colored Gym Equipments

Dark Brown Wooden Wall Also Several Transparent Windows Made From Glass Panels

Grey Entrance Floor Made From Concrete Material Also Light Brown Wall Made From Wooden Material

Light Brown Wooden Wall Also Several Square Shaped Windows Made From Glass Panels

Light Brown Wall Made From Wooden Material Also Glass Transparent Fences Placed Inside Roof

Light Brown Wooden Wall Also Tall Window Made From Glass Panel

Light Brown Wooden Wall Also Square Shaped Of Window Near No Glass

White Concrete Wall Also Grey Entrance Floor Made From Stone Material

White Concrete Wall Also Several Tall Pine Trees Grow Inside Garden

White Wall Made From Concrete Also Vast Garden Filled Near Green Grass