Huge Swimming Pool for Admirable House Renovation Ideas


A very lovable dwelling by Canny Design was implemented in very nice house renovation ideas with a huge swimming pool. A new extension is added. Now this house has a larger space to be lived in. located in Kew, Melbourne, Australia, surely this house is deserved by very nice scenery from the environment. If you are interested about this project, follow this article and get some inspirations of it.

This house has a very big opened patio on the back yard. The patio is clearly white tiled, added with a modern black chair with cushions. Next to the patio is a huge swimming pool with letter L shape. This swimming pool was designed by Integrated Pools and this one is fully tiled in blue and black coloration. For the sports, beside the pool, this house also has a big court for tennis. Yes, a green tennis court is completing this house. What about the house renovation ideas interior?

Project Black Colored Canopy Sofa Which Has Several Bright Pillows

Project Clear Colored Floor Along With Wide Pool Which Has Blue Water

Cream Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks Along With Clear Water Of Pool

Project Comfy Cream Colored Stone Material Along With Bright Blue Water

Green tennis court

Project Clear Colored Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Blocks

Vast Garden Which Is Filled Near Green Grass Along With Red Colored Outer Wall

In this picture, you can see an outdoor dining room is created on the terrace. A simple dining set with several seats are there. Inner to the house, you can have an indoor dining room. The table here is wooden and generous. 10 wooden dining chairs are surrounding its presence on the parquet floor. Right across them is a white modern kitchen. Its contemporary kitchen island is seen in the picture. Take a look also at the transparent windows application. It gives the room a very well natural lighting.

Several Black Clear Chairs Along With Comfy Brown Colored Wooden Dining Table

Light Brown Colored Wooden Chair Along With Several Dark Ceiling Lamps

Dark Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Clear Ceiling Which Has Several Silver Lamps

Now let’s see the white kitchen carefully. There are some white kitchen cabinets provided here. Completed with proper storage and sink with faucet, this kitchen is also completed with proper lighting from the spacious windows. Similar concept could be found also in the laundry room. This room is dominated by white tone that you can find anywhere. Two washing machines are placed inside their place. Some cabinets and drawers are there too to ease your works. If you like the house renovation interior design ideas with the huge swimming pool provided here, you can try to implement them in your house.

White Colored Wooden Stools Along With Clear Colored Wooden Kitchen Island

White Colored Wooden Vanity Along With Several Ball Shaped Pendant Lamps

Several Clear Colored Wooden Cabinets Along With Silver Stainless Handle

Bright Glass Chandelier Which Has Bright Clear Lighting

White Colored Floating Countertop Which Is Made From Wooden Material

Bright Glass Chandelier Along With Clear Colored Wooden Cabinets

Several Dark Brown Colored Back Chair Along With Bright Glass Chandelier

Wide Dining Table Which Is Made From Wooden Material

Several Red Colored Armchairs Along With Comfy Brown Stripes Of Floor Carpet


Photography by: Derek Swalwell