How to Place Vanities in Small Bathroom?


Small bathroom vanities are available on various styles and designs. You can choose one of them according to your home interior concept. Vanity is one of important elements at your home. You need to place it in your bathroom as the sink placement.

Organizing vanities also requires you to know some ideas especially for you who have limit space in the bathroom. There are certain guides you can follow how to design vanities in small bathroom. So, if you want to know about those guides, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.

Gorgeously Grounded

First of all, you can try grounded concept. How this concept works for your bathroom? Well, by using this concept, you are going to take corner side as your vanity placement. It will give you the advantage for having more inches in limited space. You can also get storage on two walls as the best result.

Placing the cabinet on the sidewall will be the additional option for you. Last, you will offset the sink in the vanity. Well, now you have open counter area with larger space.

Open Storage

This is the second concept you can try in your small bathroom. You have to know that using all spaces functionally is the wise option. You can choose the corner area as your vanity spot. Well, maybe this idea will offer you darker space. How to resolve this? Of course, you need to play lighting system there. Besides that, if you want more creative ideas, you can choose any items with bright colors to be your vanity decoration.

Last, you can also add a storage basket and towel bar. Those items will keep everything storage. Finally, those are all some ideas you can try at home for your small bathroom vanities.

Small white bathroom vanity
Red small bathroom vanity ideas
MInimalist bathroom vanity design
Smart small bathroom vanity
Rustic green small bathroom vanity - Victrola to Vanity Cabinet
White and navy small bathroom with small vanity
Lovely unique small bathroom vanity
(Source , Photo: Amber Interiors)
34 Bathroom with Handheld showerhead and small vanity by Paula McDonald Design Build
Modern white small bathroom vanity
White small bathroom vanity
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