How to Make Mounted Kitchen Cabinets Design


Decide to make wall mounted kitchen cabinets design? You will need some ideas to compare and you can determine the best idea on how to make the wall mounted cabinet. Here at kitchen remodel ideas, we have some remodel ideas on how to remodel old and unfinished cabinets for wall mounted cabinets design. Read the procedure and follow the instruction.

Remodel old kitchen cabinets design

First of all, you need to consider the model of mounted wall cabinets you want to make for your kitchen décor. There are several models that you can find for mounted wall furniture, especially for kitchen cabinets design. After considering the model, you need to consider kitchen cabinets that you want to stick onto kitchen wall. If you decide to make wall mounted cabinets with old cabinets, you need to clean the cabinets before sticking process. You can prepare microfiber cloth to clean dust over the cabinet’s parts. After cleaning the dust, you need to prepare sandpaper to remove any adhesive material over the old cabinets. Prepare new adhesive to stick the cabinets onto the wall and you can wait till the cabinets mounted properly. You can paint the surface of your cabinets to renew the old cabinets. Enjoy remodel your old cabinet with these wall mounted design ideas.

Wall-Mounted wood kitchen box shelving ideas
Wall-Mounted wood kitchen box shelving ideas. Image Source :
Wall-Mounted brass faucet kitchen boxes
Wall-Mounted brass faucet kitchen boxes. Image Source :
Wood kitchen box design ideas
Wood kitchen box design ideas. Image Source :
Stylish black kitchen design with mounted wall cabinet
Stylish black kitchen design with mounted wall cabinet. Image Source :
Black wood kitchen with mounted wall cabinet
Black wood kitchen with mounted wall cabinet. Image Source :
Wooden kitchen mounted wall cabinet
Wooden kitchen mounted wall cabinet. Photo by virtuvesbaldai4u via

Finish unfinished kitchen cabinets design

If you choose to prepare unfinished cabinet to mount to the kitchen wall, you will also need to clean the cabinet first. It is easier to clean the surface of unfinished cabinet than old cabinet. You can prepare microfiber and sandpaper like in the cleaning procedure of old cabinet. It is important to make sure the surface of cabinet is clean before finishing the wall mounted design. At first, you can clean the dust by using microfiber to remove the dust during finishing process. After that, you can take sandpaper to remove any chemicals in the cabinet surface. You can also prepare stripper to create original surface, but unfinished cabinet usually has original surface. You can stick unfinished cabinet to the kitchen wall with the best adhesive for wall mounted cabinet. After the cabinet is mounted well, you can prime the cabinet before painting the surface. A primer is good to laminate the surface before applying new paint to the cabinet surface. Finish the last procedure by painting the cabinets. You can choose some techniques to paint the surface such as brushing and spraying techniques. We suggest you to try a sprayer for the best finish kitchen cabinets design.

Amazing marble waterfall counter wood cabinets
Amazing marble waterfall counter wood cabinets. Image Source :
Waterfall kitchen with mounted wall cabinets
Waterfall kitchen with mounted wall cabinets. Image Source :