House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos | Contemporary Home Design Using High Wooden Facade


Visiting Barcelona, you must see House Pedralbes, a contemporary home located in the higher place of the town which applies outdoor dining table set. This eccentric construction succeeded to enrich architectural building in Spain. From the distance, it is like a palace with soft colors. Designed by Spanish architectural firm BCarquitectos, wooden facade surrounds the house to keep it from noisy street. The greeneries become the outer shades to sign this place. Perhaps, your visit will give some inspirations about home design.

Is it a home or home? This question may busy your mind. Anyway, it is truly a real family home for living. However, the contemporary home design has changed the performance to be more splendid. Extraordinary shapes make the building unique. For the exterior design, this elevated house has the roofs with pointed nooks’ from the first level to the top level. Meanwhile, the wooden materials brings stunning characteristic for the installation especially for the oak dining table set. See how the wood roofed at the first level cover the terrace. It has distinctive style to differ from the upper roofs.

Rustic Model Wooden Fence Covering It

Side House under That Applied Vertical Garden

Unique Architecture of House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos from Three Levels Floor House

Don’t stop at the front yard, this house contains luxurious thing to show. It is very comfortable place for private use. There are facilities such as swimming pool and also outdoor living room that will entertain you among the busy time. At the top floor, it has outdoor swimming pool covered by high wall; very exclusive and impressive. You can enjoy fresh water without anyone disturbs you. Equipped by the steps down to the water, the design is more like hot bathing place in Japan.

Accents At House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos Represent Great House

Awesome Metal Wire Balustardes At Pedralbes by BCarquitectos

Great Hardwood Deck Also Lounger Chairs

Floral Pots Placed Nearby Entry Door

Outdoor Dining Area Also Wooden Seats

Wooden Floor Also Modern Garden Right under Front from Porch

Roofs Near Each Level Also Open Terrace

Glass Slide Door Entry Near Bathroom Also Wooden Outdoor Flooring

Going inside the house, the home interior uses open design. The wide windows and sliding doors enable the outside view in. Pampered by beautiful scene, you can relax your body at the sofa with soft material. There is no bold color to accent the room, but the designers just let it look calm and gentle with light furniture. Family gathering will be more interesting in this place. For new couple, having special moment in here will romanticize the ambience. With modern house designs which use dining table set with beach, everything looks beautiful.

House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos Living Room - Large Glass Door Decorated Among Circular Wood Table

House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos Living Room Among Wooden Floor Also Cream Sofa At Corner

Wooden Floor Decorated Among Bench Bookcase

Outside House Also Some Planters Near Terrace

Green Lawna Also Leafy Tree

House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos

Photography by : Julio Cunill